Updated List of All Vice President in India 2020 PDF Download

List of All Vice President in India PDF Download

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Hello Students! Today we are sharing the Updated List of All Vice President in India PDF Download. The names of all the Vice Presidents of India are mentioned in this PDF. In this PDF, the name of the Vice President and all the information related to his tenure are available. With the help of this PDF, you can prepare for examinations like SSC. To download this PDF, click on the link given below.

All Vice President in India

Indian Vice Presidents Name (Party)From (Date/Month/Year)To (Date/Month/Year)
1. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (Independent)13 May 195212 May 1962
2. Zakir Husain (Independent)13 May 196212 May 1967
3. Varahagiri Venkata Giri (Ind)13 May 19673 May 1969
4. Gopal Swarup Pathak (Ind)31 August 196930 August 1974
5.  Basappa Danappa Jatt (INC)31 August 197430 August 1979
6.  Mohammad Hidayatullah (Ind)31 August 197930 August 1984
7. Ramaswamy Venkataraman (INC)31 August 198424 July 1987
8. Shankar Dayal Sharma (INC)3 September 198724 July 1992
9. Kocheril Raman Narayanan (INC)21 August 199224 July 1997
10. Krishan Kantdagger (Janata Dal)21 August 199727 July 2002
11.  Bhairon Singh Shekhawat (BJP)19 August 200221 July 2007
12. Mohammad Hamid Ansari (INC)11 August 200711 August 2017
13. Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu (BJP)11 August 2017Incumbent


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List of All Vice President in India PDF Download

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