Updated List of All Indian Exercise with Other Countries 2020 PDF

List of All Indian Exercise with Other Countries PDF

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Hello Students! Today we are sharing the Updated List of All Indian Exercise with Other Countries PDF Download. In this PDF, a list of names of all the exercises of India is available which was done with the other country. All information related to Army Exercise, Navy Exercise and Air Force Exercise are available in this PDF. After reading this PDF, all the students can also complete the preparation of all government examinations. You can download this PDF.

All Indian Exercise

Air force Exercise:

Exercise Name
Exercise between
1. Desert EagleUAE and India
2. Red FlagUSA and India
3. Siam BharatThailand and India
4. GarudaFrance and India
5. SindexSingapore and India
6. CopeUSA and India
7. Eastern BridgeOman and India
8. Indira DhanushUK and India


Navy  Exercise:

Exercise Name
Exercise between
1. KonkanUK and India. (Maritime)
2. Naseem –Al-BahrOman and India
3. SimbexSingapore and India
4. Sahyog KajinJapan and India (Coast Guard).
5. SlinexSrilanka and India
6. Aux IndexAustralia and India (Maritime).
7. VarunaFrance and India
8. MalabarUSA, Japan, and India
9. IBSAMARSouth Africa, Brazil, and India


Army Exercise:

Exercise Name
Exercise between
1. Ajeya WarriorUK and India
2. Sino India JointChina and India
3. LamityeSeychelles and India
4. IndraRussia and India
5. Nomadic ElephantMangolia and India
6. Bold KurukshetraSingapore and India
7. Prabal DostyakKazakastan and India
8. ImbaxMyanmar and India
9. MaitreeThailand and India
10. Vajra PraharUSA and India
11. SuryakiranNepal and India
12. Al NagahOman and India
13. Hand in HandChina and India
14. VinbaxVietnam and India
15. Garud ShaktiIndonesia and India
16. Mitra ShakthiSrilanka and India
17. Ex EkverinMaldives and India
18. KanjarKyrgyzstan and India
19. SampritiBangladesh and India
20. Yudh AbyasUSA and India

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List of All Indian Exercise with Other Countries PDF Download

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