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SSC CPO 2019 Ancient History (9 Dec to 13 Dec) PDF Download



SSC CPO 2019 Ancient History (9 Dec to 13 Dec) PDF Download

All Shift SSC CPO 2019 [9 Dec to 13 Dec 2019]

Ancient History:- 12Q’s

Art and Culture: – 23Q’s

Total – Q&A’s:- 35Q’s

Q.1: – In which state is the archaeological site of Surkotada situated?
सुरकोटदा का पुरातात्विक स्थल किस राज्य में स्थित है? [09 Dec. CPO 2019 Eve Shift] 1. Rajasthan / राजस्थान
2. Karnataka / कर्नाटक
3. Haryana / हरियाणा
4. Gujarat / गुजरात
Correct Answer: – Gujarat / गुजरात
Comment: – The site at Surkotada is located 160 km (99 mi) north-east of Bhuj, in the district of Kutch, Gujarat. The ancient mound stands surrounded by an undulating rising ground clustered by small sandstone hills.

Q.2:- Which of the following archaeological sites has evidence of pit-dwellings?
निम्नलिखित में से किस पुरातात्विक स्थल पर गर्त आवासों के प्रमाण हैं?
[11 Dec. CPO 2019 Mor Shift] 1. Mehrgarh / मेहरगढ़
2. Burzahom / बुर्जहोम
3. Rana Ghundai / राणा घुंडई
4. Palavoy / पलावॉय
Correct Answer:- Burzahom / बुर्जहोम
Comment:- The people of Neolithic Age lived in rectangular or circular houses which were made of mud and reed. The people of Mehrgarh lived in mud-brick houses while pit-dwelling is reported from Burzahom, the Neolithic site found in Kashmir.

Q.3:- The famous physician Jeevaka was appointed by the court of:
प्रसिद्ध चिकित्सक जीवक की नियुक्ति किसके दरबार में की गयी:
[11 Dec. CPO 2019 Eve Shift] 1. Krishnadeva Raya / कृष्णदेव राय
2. Samudragupta / समुद्रगुप्त
3. Ashoka / अशोक
4. Bimbisara / बिम्बिसार
Correct Answer:- Bimbisara / बिम्बिसार
Comment:- Jīvaka was the personal physician of the Buddha and the Indian King Bimbisara. He lived in Rajagṛha, present-day Rajgir, in the 5th century BCE

Q.4:- Who was the founder of the Vakataka dynasty in the third century?
तीसरी शताब्दी में वाकाटक वंश का संस्थापक कौन था? [12 Dec. CPO 2019 Mor Shift] 1. Rudrasena / रुद्रसेन
2. Pravarasena / प्रवरसेन
3. Vindhyashakti / विंध्यशक्ति
4. Nagabhata / नागभट्ट
Correct Answer:- Vindhyashakti / विंध्यशक्ति
Comment:- The founder of the Vakataka dynasty was Vindhyashakti (250-270), whose name is derived from the name of the goddess Vindhya. The dynasty may be originated there. Almost nothing is known about Vindhyashakti, the founder of the Vakatakas.

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