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SSC CHSL 2018 Shiftwise gk paper analysis

SSC CHSL Physics Question paper



SSC CHSL Physics Question paper PDF Download :- 142 Qs

Exam was conducted from 04 March to 28 March 2018 :-  142 Qs

Q.1:- A body of mass 4 kg accelerates from 15 m/s to 25 m/s in 5 seconds due to the application of a force on It . Calculate the magnitude of this force (in N).
4 कि. ग्रा द्रवमान वाली किसी वस्तु पर बल लगाने से उसका वेग 5 सेकंड में 15 मी./से. से 25 मी./से. हो जाता है। लगाए गए बल क गणना (N में) करे।
[4-March-2018] Options:
1) 32
2) 8
3) 16
4) 64
Correct Answer: 8
F=ma=m(v-u)/t = 4(25-15)/5

Q.2:- During __________ motion of an object along a straight line, the change in
velocity of the object for any time interval is zero.
किसी वस्तु की ________ सरल रेखीय गति के दौरान किसी भी समयांतराल में वस्तु के वेग में परिवर्तन शून्य होता है।
[4-March-2018] Options:
1) linear
सरल रेखीय
2) translational
3) equilibrium
4) uniform
Correct Answer: uniform
Uniform motion is defined as the motion of an object in which the object travels in a straight line and its velocity remains constant (i.e change in velocity is zero )along that line as it covers equal distances in equal intervals of time, irrespective of the length of the time.
Eg: A car moving on a straight road without any change in its velocity is one of the examples. A Ball rolling on a floor without changing its velocity is again an example of uniform Motion.

Q.3:- What is the resistance (in Ω) of an electrical component if a current of 0.1 A passes through it on application of 5 V of potential difference across it?
किसी विद्युत् पदार्थ का प्रतिरोधक (Ω में) कितना होगा यदि इसमें से 0.1 A धारा प्रवाहित होती है तथा विभवान्तर 5V है?
[4-March-2018] Options:
1) 0.5
2) 100
3) 50
4) 1
Correct Answer: 50
R=V/I = 5/.1 = 50

Q.4:- The motion of a freely falling body is an example of ______________ accelerated motion.
स्वतंत्र रूप से गिर रही एक वस्तु की गति ____ त्वरित गति का उदाहरण है।
[4-March-2018] Options:
1) non-uniformly
2) uniformly
3) uniquely
4) specially
Correct Answer: uniformly
A freely falling object is an object that moves under the influence of gravity only. Neglecting air resistance, all objects in free fall in the earth’s gravitational field have a constant acceleration that is directed towards the earth’s center, or perpendicular to the earth’s surface, and of magnitude || g = 9.8 m/s2.

Q.5:- Increased wind speed is accompanied by a reduced air _____________.
पवन का वेग बढ़ने पर वायु का ____ कम हो जाता है।
[4-March-2018] Options:
1) humidity
2) pressure
3) density
4) aridity
Correct Answer: pressure
The pressure decrease is part of the CAUSE of the speed increase, Pressure difference is the force that accelerates a mass of fluid. (Newton for Fluids as Euler found)
When there is a pressure difference, fluid is accelerated from the higher pressure region to the lower pressure region. HIGHER pressure pushes fluid toward any (and all) near-by lower pressure regions. THAT IS WHY it is going faster when it gets to the lower pressure region.

Q.6:- What is the effective resistance (in Ω) of two resistors 20 Ω and 30 Ω connected in parallel?
समांतर श्रेणी में जुड़े हुए 20 Ω तथा 30 Ω वाले दो प्रतिरोधकों का प्रभावी प्रतिरोधक (Ω में) कितना होगा?
[5-March-2018] Options:
1) 50
2) 12
3) 24
4) 25
Correct Answer: 12
equivalent resistance of resistors in series : R = R1 + R2 + R3 + …

equivalent resistance of resistors in parallel: 1 / R = 1 / R1 + 1 / R2 + 1 / R3 +…

Q.7:- 1 km/hr equals _____________ m/s.
1 कि.मी./घंटा = ____मी./से.
[5-March-2018] Options:
1) 5/18
2) 18/5
3) 5/16
4) 16/5
Correct Answer: 5/18 मी./से
1 km/hr = 1000/60*60 मी./से

Q.8:- Find the current (in A) when a charge of 500 Coulomb flows in 25 seconds.
यदि 500 कूलम्ब का आवेश 25 सेकंड्स के लिय प्रवाहित होता है तो धारा की गणना (A में) करे।
[5-March-2018] Options:
1) 12500
2) 20
3) 40
4) 6250
Correct Answer: 20
I=q/t = 500/25 = 20A

Q.9:- During _____________ motion of an object along a straight line, the velocity remains constant with time.
किसी वस्तु की ________ गति के दौरान समय के साथ इसका वेग नियत रहता है।
[5-March-2018] Options:
1) Linear सरल रेखीय
2) Translational सापेक्ष
3) Uniform एकसमान
4) Equilibrium साम्य
Correct Answer: uniform
Uniform Velocity :- Body covers equal displacement in equal intervals of time.

Non uniform Velocity :- Body covers unequal displacement in equal interval of time

Q.10:- Find the resistance (in mega Ω) of a wire of length 20m, cross sectional area 1 cm2 and made of a material of resistivity 200 Ωm.
20 मी. लंबे किसी धातु के तार का प्रतिरोधक (मेगाΩ में) ज्ञात करे जिसके अनुप्रस्थ काट का क्षेत्रफल 1 वर्ग से.मी. है तथा धातु के पदार्थों की प्रतिरोधकता 200 Ωm है।
[5-March-2018] Options:
1) 40
2) 4000
3) 80
4) 2000
Correct Answer: 40
To calculate the resistance R of a wire, we need to know three things: its length – the longer the wire, the greater its resistance
• Greater the cross-sectional area A, the less its resistance
• Greater the resistivity of the material, the greater its resistance.

Resistance = (Resistivity × Length / Area)

R= 200*(20/(1/100)^2 ) = 200*(20*10000) =40000000 Ω = 40 MΩ


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