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SSC CHSL 2017-18 Synonyms PDF with Hindi meaning



SSC CHSL 2017-18 Synonyms :- 130 Questions with Hindi meaning

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In the following questions, out of the given four alternatives, select the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

4 March 2018

Q.1:- Hybrid (संकर, मिश्रण.)
1) Homogeneous
2) Composite
3) Pure
4) Love
Correct Answer: Composite (मिश्रण)

Q.2:- Discreet (विचारशील)
1) Described
2) Careful
3) Rash
4) Mundane
Correct Answer: Careful (सतर्क)

Q.3:- Accolade (सम्मान)
1) Silence
2) Mediocrity
3) Laurels
4) Lowliness
Correct Answer: Laurels (ख्याति)

Q.4:- Invective (फटकारभरा.)
1) Invent
2) Expressive
3) Abusive
4) Invitation
Correct Answer: Abusive (अपमानजनक)

5 March 2018

Q.5:- Felicity (परम सुख)
1) Bliss
2) Misery
3) Grief
4) Trouble
Correct Answer: Bliss (परमानंद)

ssc chsl synonyms with hindi meaning

Q.6:- Chafe (मसलना, उत्तेजित करना)
1) Chain
2) Safe
3) Irritate
4) Joy
Correct Answer: Irritate (उत्तेजित करना)

Q.7:- Curtail (घटाना)
1) Prolong
2) Downsize
3) Lengthen
4) Extend
Correct Answer: Downsize (घटाने)

Q.8:- Inference (अनुमान)
1) Beginning
2) Conclusion
3) Preparation
4) Discovery
Correct Answer: Conclusion (निष्कर्ष)

ssc chsl synonyms with hindi meaning

Q.9:- Imitate (नकल करना )
1) Revers e
2) Ape
3) Clash
4) Repulse
Correct Answer: Ape (अनुकरण करना)

Q.10:- Incumbent (निर्भर, अनिवार्य)
1) Increase
2) Redundant
3) Choice
4) Required
Correct Answer: Required (अपेक्षित, अनिवार्य)

6 March 2018

Q.11:- Lucrative (लाभप्रद)
1) Impoverished
2) Worthwhile
3) Useless
4) Inconsiderable
Correct Answer: Worthwhile (सार्थक, लाभदायक.)

Q.12:- Actuate (उकसाना, गति देना)
1) True
2) Move
3) Select
4) Kill
Correct Answer: Move (चाल, गति देना )

Q.13:- Grudging (कुढ़ना)
1) Envious
2) Favouring
3) Generous
4) Contented
Correct Answer: Envious (ईर्ष्या)

ssc chsl synonyms with hindi meaning
Q.14:- Allay (निराकरणकरना, शांत करना, पीड़ा कम करना.)
1) Relieve
2) Understand
3) Increase
4) Annoy
Correct Answer: Relieve (राहत देने)

Q.15:- Naïve (अनुभवहीन, भोला भाला.)
1) Sarcastic
2) Artful
3) Skeptical
4) Ingenuous
Correct Answer: Ingenuous (सरल, भोला भाला.)

Q.16:- Surly (असभ्य अमिलनसार.)
1) Sweet
2) Unfriendly
3) Clear
4) Pleas ant
Correct Answer: Unfriendly (अमित्र)

7 March 2018

Q.17:- Turbulence (अशांति)
1) Agitation
2) Calmness
3) Repose
4) Stillness
Correct Answer: Agitation (आंदोलन, कोलाहल, अशांति.)

ssc chsl synonyms with hindi meaning

Q.18:- Quiescent (मौन)
1) Dull
2) Questionable
3) Bright
4) Alive
Correct Answer: Dull (कुंठित, सुस्त)

Q.19:- Mordant (चुभता हुआ, तीखा )
1) Kind
2) Complimentary
3) Bitter
4) Peaceable
Correct Answer: Bitter (कड़वा, तीखा.)

Q.20:- Implicit (अंतर्निहित)
1) Unspoken
2) Supply
3) Specific
4) Driven
Correct Answer: Unspoken (अनकहा)

Q.21:- Judicious (उचित, विवेकपूर्ण.)
1) Hasty
2) Rackless
3) Irrational
4) Wise
Correct Answer: Wise (समझदार)

ssc chsl synonyms with hindi meaning

Q.22:- Behoove (योग्य होना, उचित होना)
1) Behind
2) Bet
3) Necessary
4) Optional
Correct Answer: Necessary (ज़रूरी)

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SSC CHSL Synonyms with Hindi 

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