One Word Substitution asked in SSC CGL 2017 PDF Download

SSC CGL 2017 One Word Substitution  PDF Download

Q.1.That which cannot be corrected
1) Impregnable
2) Immolation
3) Incorrigible
4) Ineligible
Correct Answer: Incorrigible
Impregnable – अखंडनीय, undeniable . Immolation- बलिदान, oblation.
Incorrigible- जिसका सुधार न हो सके, fast. Ineligible- अयोग्य, unqualified,

Q.2. A person who is blamed for the wrong doings of others
1) Bursar
2) Captor
3) Phlegmatic
4) Scapegoat
Correct Answer: Scapegoat
Bursar – कोषाध्यक्ष , cashier. Captor- बंदी बनानेवाला, capturer. Phlegmatic – सुस्त, sluggish, slack, lingering, lethargic. Scapegoat- एक व्यक्ति जो दूसरों के गलत कामों के लिए दोषी ठहराया जाता है.

Q.3. The act of speaking irreverently about sacred things.
1) Atheist
2) Blasphemy
3) Bellicose
4) Defection
Correct Answer: Blasphemy
Atheist- नास्तिक, skeptic. Blasphemy- पवित्र चीजों के बारे में अनादरपूर्वक बोलना, Profanity.
Bellicose- लड़ाकू, combative. Defection- उल्लंघन, violation.

Q.4. A person who talks too much of himself.
1) Egoist
2) Elite
3) Emetic
4) Egotist
Correct Answer: Egotist
Egoist- स्वार्थी, selfish. Elite- संभ्रांत व्यक्ति. Emetic – वमनकारी, nauseating. Egotist- एक व्यक्ति जो खुद के बारे में बहुत ज्यादा बोलता है.

Q.5. Take away or alter the natural qualities of
1) Denature
2) Unadulterated
3) Authentic
4) Limpid
Correct Answer: Denature
Denature- प्रकृति या मूलतत्‍व बदल देना. Unadulterated – शुद्ध, pure. Authentic- विश्वसनीय, reliable, credible. Limpid – स्पष्ट, clear, apparent.

Q.6. Decay of organic matter producing a fetid smell
1) Putrefy
2) Crisp
3) Neoteric
4) Virgin
Correct Answer: Putrefy
Putrefy – दुर्गन्धयुक्त होना. Crisp- कुरकुरा, mealy. Neoteric- हाल का, recent. Virgin- पवित्र, sacred.

One Word Substitution asked in SSC CGL 2017

Q.7. Diminish in value over a period of time
1) Escalate
2) Augment
3) Aggrandise
4) Depreciate
Correct Answer: Depreciate
Escalate- तीव्र करना , Intensify , Accelerate. Augment- बढ़ाना, increase, amplify.
Aggrandise – Overstate, Magnify. Depreciate – मूल्य कम करना, नीचा दिखाना, degrade, demean.

Q.8. Not able to produce children
1) Gravid
2) Hebetic
3) Fecund
4) Sterile
Correct Answer: Sterile
Gravid – गर्भवती, Hebetic . Fecund – उपजाऊ , fertile, productive. Sterile- बाँझ , बंजर , arid.

Q.9. A funeral poem
1) Elegy
2) Pandemonium
3) Parody
4) Sonnet
Correct Answer: Elegy
Elegy- शोकगीत. Pandemonium – बड़ा उपद्रव, disorganization, revolt. Parody – हास्यपूर्ण व्यंग काव्य
Sonnet- गीत, song, lyrics.

One Word Substitution asked in SSC CGL 2017


Q. 10. One who walks in sleep
1) Drover
2) Fastidious
3) Numismatist
4) Somnambulist
Correct Answer: Somnambulist
Drover- चरवाहा , Fastidious- नकचढ़ा, तुनक मिजाज, touchy. Numismatist- मुद्राविज्ञानविद्, the study or collecting of coins. Somnambulist – नींद में चलनेवाला , sleepwalker.

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Q. 11. One skilled in telling stories
1) Ventral
2) Fanatic
3) Raconteur
4) Tyro
Correct Answer: Raconteur
Ventral – उदर-संबंधी, stomachic. Fanatic – कट्टरपंथी, bigoted. Raconteur- मज़ेदार कहानियाँ सुनाने वाला. Tyro – नौसिखिए, beginner, novice.

One Word Substitution asked in SSC CGL 2017
Q. 12. Fear of Fire
1) Arsonphobia
2) Astraphobia
3) Astrophobia
4) Arrhenphobia
Correct Answer: Arsonphobia
Arsonphobia – आग का भय. Astraphobia- fear of thunder and lightning. Astrophobia- fear of stars and celestial objects. Arrhenphobia – fear of men. Androphobia.

Q. 13. One who is honourably discharged from service
1) Belligerent
2) Emeritus
3) Truant
4) Mercenary

Correct Answer: Emeritus
Belligerent – लड़ाकू, Quarrelsome. Emeritus – जो सम्मानपूर्वक सेवामुक्त हुआ हो. Truant -कामचोर,आवारा
Absentee, Shirker. Mercenary- वेतन-भोगी, लोभी, greedy.


One Word Substitution asked in SSC CGL 2017

Q. 14. A perception without objective reality
1) Cynicism
2) Hallucination
3) Illusion
4) Optimism
Correct Answer: Hallucination
Cynicism – निराशावाद , Pessimism. Hallucination – माया, Illusion. Optimism – आशावाद, Sanguinity.

One Word Substitution asked in SSC CGL 2017
Q. 15. A man devoid of kind feeling and sympathy.
1) Callous
2) Credulous
3) Gullible
4) Bohemian
Correct Answer: Callous
Callous – कठोर, harsh. Credulous- भोला-भाला, Gullible, Naïve. Bohemian- रूढ़िमुक्त , Unconventional.


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