List of All LokSabha Speakers PDF

List of All Speakers of Lok Sabha PDF

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Hello Students! Today we are sharing the Updated List of All Speakers of Lok Sabha PDF Download. The names of all the Lok Sabha Speakers are mentioned in this PDF. In this PDF, the names of Speakers, their tenure, and all important information related to them are available. With the help of the information given in this PDF, any candidate can prepare for any examinations. You can download this PDF using the link.

All Speakers of Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha Speakers Name 
From (Date/Month/Year)To (Date/Month/Year)Party Name
1. Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar15 May 195227 February 1956Indian National Congress
2. M. A. Ayyangar8 March 195616 April 1962Indian National Congress
3. Hukam Singh17 April 196216 March 1967Indian National Congress
4. Neelam Sanjiva Reddy17 March 196719 July 1969Indian National Congress
5. Gurdial Singh Dhillon8 August 19691 December 1975Indian National Congress
6. Bali Ram Bhagat15 January 197625 March 1977Indian National Congress
7. Neelam Sanjiva Reddy26 March 197713 July 1977Janatha Party
8. K. S. Hegde21 July 197721 January 1980Janatha Party
9. Balram Jakhar22 January 198018 December 1989Indian National Congress
10. Rabi Ray19 December 19899 July 1991Janata Dal
11. Shivraj Patil10 July 199122 May 1996Indian National Congress
12. P. A. Sangma23 May 199623 March 1998Indian National Congress
13. G. M. C. Balayogi24 March 19983 March 2002Telugu Desam Party
14. Manohar Joshi10 May 20022 June 2004Shiv Sena
15. Somnath Chatterjee4 June 200431 May 2009Communist Party Of India
16. Meira Kumar4 June 20094 June 2014Indian National Congress
17. Sumitra Mahajan6 June 201416 June 2019BJP
18. Om Birla19 June 2019IncumbentBJP


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List of All Speakers of Lok Sabha PDF Download

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