List of All Largest Deserts in the World PDF

List of All Largest Deserts in the World PDF Download

Hello Students! Today we are sharing the Updated List of All Largest Deserts in the World PDF Download. This PDF mentions all the Largest Deserts in the world. In this PDF, some specific information of all the Largest Deserts is available such as Place and Country, Types, Area, etc. This PDF is beneficial for all the students preparing for Government Examinations. To download this PDF, click on the link given below.

Largest Deserts in the World

Place and Country
Area (km²)
1. Great Victoria DesertSubtropicalAustralia647000 km²
2. Colorado PlateauCold WinterUnited States337000 km²
3. Registan DesertSubtropicalAfghanistan146000 km²
4. Dasht – E LootSubtropicalIran52000 km²
5. SaharaSubtropicalNorth Africa9000000 km²
6. Kalahari DesertSubtropicalSouthern Africa900000 km²
7. Syrian DesertSubtropicalWestern Asia (Iraq, Jordan, and Syria)520000 km²
8. Great Sandy DesertSubtropicalAustralia400000 km²
9. Sonoran DesertSubtropicalNorth America (Mexico and USA)310000 km²
10. Thar DesertSubtropicalSouth Asia (India and Pakistan)200000 km²
11. Simpson DesertSubtropicalAustralia145000 km²
12. Namib DesertCool CoastalSouthern Africa (Angola and Namibia)81000 km²
13. Arabian DesertSubtropicalWestern Asia2330000 km²
14. Patagonian DesertCold WinterSouth America (Argentina and Chile)620000 km²
15. Karakum DesertCold WinterTurkmenistan350000 km²
16. Gibson DesertSubtropicalAustralia156000 km²
17. Atacama DesertCool CoastalSouth America (Chile and Peru)140000 km²
18. Dasht –E KavirSubtropicalIran77000 km²
19. AntarcticaCold WinterAntarctica14000000 km²
20. Gobi DesertCold WinterCentral Asia (China and Mongolia)1000000 km²
21. Chihuahuan DesertSubtropicalNorth America (Mexico and USA)450000 km²
22. Taklamakan DesertCold WinterChina270000 km²
23. Mojave DesertSubtropicalUnited States124000 km²
24. ArcticCold WinterArtic13985000 km²
25. Great Basin DesertCold WinterUnited States492000 km²
26. Kyzylkum DesertCold WinterCentral Asia (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan)300000 km²
27. Dasht-E MargoSubtropicalAfghanistan150000 km²


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List of All Largest Deserts in the World PDF Download

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