List of All Important Games and Motto PDF

List of All Important Games and Motto PDF

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Hello Students! Today we are sharing the Updated List of All Important Games and Motto PDF Download. All important games and Motto related information are available in this PDF. All PDF names and motto are mentioned in this PDF. With the help of this PDF information, you can complete the preparation and practice of many types of examinations. You can download the PDF (List of All Important Games and Motto ) from the link given below.

All Important Games and Motto

Important Games
Places and Motto
1. 34 Winter Olympics – 2022China (Bejing) Motto – A pure passion for Ice & Snow
2. Summer Youth Olympic – 2014China (Nanjing)
3. 5th T-20 women World Cup – 2016India (Winner-West Indies)
4. 13th World Robot Olympiad – 2016India (New Delhi)
5. 20th Fina World Aquatics (Swimming) Championship -2023Qatar (Doha)
6. 11th Under-19 Cricket World Cup – 2016Bangladesh (Winner West Indies)
7. 32th Southeast Asian Games – 2023Cambodia (Phnom Penh)
8. Snooker World Cup – 2015China (Wuxi, Jiangsu Province)
9. Common Wealth Judo Championship (2018)India (Jaipur, Rajasthan)
10. 21st FIFA (Men) World Cup football (2018)Russia
11. 19th Asian games – 2022China (Hangzhou)
12. 8th FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Football (2016)Papua New Guinea
13. 20th Commonwealth games – 2014Scotland (Glasgow)
14. 1st Youth Asian Games – 2009Singapore
15. 11th Cricket World Cup (Men) – 2015Australia & New Zealand
16. 17th Fina World Aquatics (Swimming) Championship -2017Hungary (Budapest)
17. 11th Cricket World Cup (Women) – 2017England (Final Match at Lord’s Stadium)
18. 14th Women Hockey World Cup – 2018England (London)
19. 15th Summer Paralympic – 2016Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
20. 10th FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Football(2019)France
21. 1st Asian games – 1951New Delhi
22. 3rd Winter Youth Olympic – 2020Switzerland (Lausanne)
23. 6th T-20 World Cup (Men) – 2016India (Winner-West Indies)
24. 19th Fina World Aquatics (Swimming) Championship -2021Japan (Fukuoka)
25. Ilnd Asian Para Games – 2014South Korea (Incheon)
26. 29th Southeast Asian Games – 2017Malaysia (Kualalumpur)
27. IWF Youth World championship – 2017Thailand (Bangkok)
28. 17th FIFA U-17 (Men) World Cup Football -2017India
29. 32 Olympic games – 2020Japan (Tokyo) Motto-Discover Tomorrow
30. 12th Winter Paralympic – 2018South (Pyeongchang)
31. 8th FIFA women’s World Cup (2019)France
32. 3rd Summer Youth Olympic – 2018Argentina (Buenas Aires) LOGO – YOG DNA
33. 12th SAG Games – 2016 (Mascot Tikhor)India (Guwahati & Shillong)
34. 18th Fina World Aquatics (Swimming) Championship -2019South Korea (Gwangju)
35. 13th Women Hockey World Cup – 2014Netherlands (The Hague)
36. 4th Youth Asian Games – 2021Indonesia (Suryabaya)
37. 9th FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Football -2018France
38. 22nd Commonwealth games – 2022South Africa (Durban)
39. 28th Southeast Asian Games – 2015Singapore (Motto: Celebrate the extra ordinary)
40. 12th Cricket World Cup (Women) – 2021New Zealand
41. 12th Under-19 Cricket World Cup – 2018New Zealand
42. 11th SAG Games-2010Bangladesh (Dhaka)
43. 2nd Winter Youth Olympic – 2016Norway (Lillehammer)
44. 5th FIFA U-17 (Women) World Cup Football (2016)Jordan
45. 37th National Games – 2019Andhra Pradesh
46. 3rd Asian Youth Pora Games -2017China (Nanjing)
47. 22th FIFA (Men) World Cup football (2022)Qatar (Doha)
48. 21st Commonwealth games – 2018Australia (Gold Coast)
49. 21st FIFA U-20 World Cup Football (2017)South Kore
50. 31st Olympic games (2016)Brazil (Rio De Janeiro) Motto – Live your passion
51. 11th Winter Paralympic-2014Russia (Sochi)
52. 13th SAG Games (South Asian Games) – 2019Nepal (Kathmandu)
53. 7th T-20 women World Cup – 2022South Africa
54. 31st Southeast Asian Games – 2021Vietnam (Hanoi)
55. 6th T-20 women World Cup – 2018West Indies
56. 33 Winter Olympics – 2018 (Korea)South Korea (Pyeong Chang) Motto – Passion connected
57. 8th Asian Winter Games – 2017Japan (Sapporo)
58. 36th National Games – 2016Goa
59. 7th T-20 World Cup (Men) – 2020Australia
60. 14th World Robot Olympiad – 2017Costa Rica
61. Special Olympic World Winter Games – 2017Austria
62. IWF Youth World championship – 2016Malaysia (Penang)
63. 16th Fina World Aquatics (Swimming) Championship -2015Russia (Kazan)
64. 12th Cricket World Cup (Men) – 2019England
65. 16th Summer Paralympic – 2020Japan (Tokyo)
66. 18th Asian games – 2018Indonesia (Jakarta & Palembang)
67. (AFC) Asian Football Cup (2019)UAE
68. 13th Cricket World Cup (Men) – 2023India
69. 14th Under-19 Cricket World Cup – 2022West Indies
70. 3rd Youth Asian Games – 2017Indonesia (Jakarta)
71. IWF Youth World championship – 2015Peru (Lima)
72. 14th Hockey World Cup (Men) – 2018India (Bhubaneswar)
73. 15th World Robot Olympiad – 2018Thailand
74. 30th Southeast Asian Games – 2019Philippines (Manila)
75. 35th National Games – 2015Kerala
76. IVth Asian Para Games – 2022China (Hangzhou)
77. 13th Under-19 Cricket World Cup – 2020South Africa
78. 13th Winter Paralympic – 2022China (Beijing)
79. Illrd Asian Para Games – 2018Indonesia (Jakarta)
80. 13th Hockey World Cup – 2014Netherlands (The Hague)

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