SSC CHSL 2016-17 Fill in the Blanks / Filler with Explanation

SSC CHSL Fill in the Blanks 2016-17
Q71. People came out on the streets and ____________ firecrackers to celebrate the victory.
1) burst
2) heated
3) burnt
4) ignited
Correct Answer: burst
Explanation: – burst –फोड़ना, cleave. Burn – जलाना (past form – burnt). Ignite – जलाना.

Q72. I don’t have a big budget, I just need a place which provides bed and _______________.
1) drinks
2) breakfast
3) food
4) eatables
Correct Answer: breakfast
Explanation: – bed and breakfast – sleeping accommodation for a night and a meal in the morning, provided in guest houses and hotels.

Q73. The student body met the Principal to have their __________ heard.
1) griefs
2) disdain
3) woes
4) sorrows
Correct Answer: woes
Explanation: – grief – गहरा दुःख, mourning. Disdain – तिरस्कार, reproach, scorn. Woes – संकट. Sorrows – दु: ख.

Q74. Nations work to expand justice in the society and provide infrastructure to ___________ commerce.
1) pass
2) contribute
3) popularize
4) promote
Correct Answer: promote
Explanation: – infrastructure – आधारिक संरचना. Pass – देना, give, grant. Contribute – योगदान करना.
Popularize – लोकप्रिय करना, promulgate. Promote – को बढ़ावा देना, Encourage, increase.
Ex – Mutual understanding promotes peace.

Q75. It was hard to ________________ him involved with anything illegal. (25-01-2017)
1) snap
2) draw
3) photo
4) picture
Correct Answer: picture
Explanation: – picture(v.) – स्पष्ट वर्णन करना, depict, describe. Snap – take someone’s picture/photo.

Q76. The officer walked in front, leaning on a stick and __________ limping.
1) marginally
2) imperceptibly
3) slightly
4) a little
Correct Answer: slightly
Explanation: – limp – लंगड़ाकर चलना, hobble. Marginally – मामूली. Imperceptibly – अव्यक्त, latent. Slightly – थोड़ा, not considerably.

Q77. This letter is to ______________ you with the problems faced by the society members.
1) acquaint
2) illustrate
3) convince
4) demonstrate
Correct Answer: acquaint
Explanation:- acquaint – जानकारी प्राप्त करना, make someone aware of or familiar with. Illustrate – उदाहरण देकर स्पष्ट करना
explain or make (something) clear by using examples. Convince – यकीन दिलाना, persuade, satisfy.
Demonstrate – प्रदर्शन करना, display.

Q78. If you exercise ______________ for half an hour daily, then you will rid yourself from the problem of hypertension.
1) recurrently
2) regularly
3) routinely
4) continuously
Correct Answer: regularly
Explanation: – recurrently – बारबार, repeatedly, Regularly – नियमित तौर पर, perpetually, constantly. Routinely – as part of a regular procedure rather than for a special reason.

Q79. The audience absolutely loved the play so much that they ____________ after every act.(27-01-2017)
1) acclaimed
2) applauded
3) appreciated
4) boosted
Correct Answer: applauded
Explanation: – acclaim – praise enthusiastically and publicly. Applaud – show approval or praise by clapping.
Ex – The crowd whistled and applauded. Appreciate – मूल्यांकन करना, evaluate. Boost -प्रोत्साहित करना,encourage, stimulate, promote

Q80. In a clearing that started a few feet away was a small __________ of cattle.
1) herd
2) flock
3) colony
4) drove
Correct Answer: herd
Explanation: – पशु, beast, livestock. Herd – पशु समूह. Herd – पक्षी का झूण्ड. Colony – बस्ती, township. Drove – समूह, cluster.

SSC CHSL Fill in the Blanks 2016-17
Q81. Technological improvements did not decrease human beings’ _____________ to wage war.
1) routine
2) propensity
3) nature
4) pattern
Correct Answer: propensity
Explanation: – propensity – झुकाव, inclination.

Q82. Oats are cut shortly before reaching _______________, when they are known as oathay.
1) maturity
2) age
3) ripeness
4) readiness
Correct Answer: maturity
Explanation: – oat-hay – जई-घास. Maturity – परिपक्वता. Ripeness – पकना.

Q83. Unchecked industrial effluents discharging into the rivers has caused ______________ damage to the environment.(29-01-2017)
1) uncontrollable
2) disproportionate
3) infinite
4) incalculable
Correct Answer: incalculable
Explanation: -अपशिष्ट, liquid waste or sewage. Disproportionate – असंगत, irrelevant, irreconcilable.
Infinite – – अनंत, never-ending. Incalculable – बेहिसाब, beyond calculation.

Q84. I am sorry I am late, I was __________ up in traffic.
1) held
2) delayed
3) detained
4) stucked
Correct Answer: held
Explanation:- hold-up -a situation that causes delay. stuck-up – घमंडी, conceited, arrogant, haughty.
Detain – रोक रखना, deter.
Ex – I think that the bad weather will hold up our journey. मुझे लगता है कि खराब मौसम हमारी यात्रा को रोक देगा

Q85. The speed with which she typed the draft demonstrated that she is a _______________ secretary.
1) savvy
2) adapted
3) nimble
4) Competent
Correct Answer: competent
Explanation: – savvy – Shrewd and knowledgeable, having common sense and good judgement, समझ-बूझ.
Adapted – अनुकूलितadapted, conditioned. Nimble – चालाक, Crafty, adroit. Competent – सक्षम, capable.
Ex -He was a loyal and very competent officer.

Q86. The current ______________ in global negotiations over climate change has stalled progress on the issue.
1) intransigence
2) fallacy
3) stalemate
4) Rigidity
Correct Answer: stalemate
Explanation: – negotiations – समझौता वार्ता. Stall – रोकना, clog, inhibit, prevent.
Intransigence – कटृटरता, zealotry. fallacy. – अशुद्धि, mistake, fault. Stalemate- गतिरोध,deadlock, impasse.
Rigidity –दृढ़ता, perseverance, persistence, tenacity.
Ex- The discussions between management and the unions have ended in stalemate.

Q87. My mother likes to ___________ me by showing everyone my baby pictures.
1) stun
2) annoy
3) shame
4) embarrass
Correct Answer: embarrass
Explanation : – stun- घबड़ा देना, perturb, हैरत में डालना, startle. Annoy –खिझाना, exacerbate.
Shame – लज्जित करना, abash. Embarrass – असमंजस में डालना, शर्मिंदा करना, confound.
Ex – He tried to embarrass her by asking irrelevant questions.

Q88. I was taken ___________ by the server’s rude comment about my hair.
1) away
2) from
3) aback
4) Off
Correct Answer: aback
Explanation: – Taken aback – Startled, astonished, shocked. Server -सेवक, attendant, waiter.
Ex – The Riya’s angry reaction to his question took him aback.

Q89. My aunt wears _________ outfits to ensure she is noticed everywhere she goes. (30-01-2017)
1) vivid
2) spirited
3) active
4) strong
Correct Answer: vivid
Explanation: – vivid – चमकीला, उज्ज्वल, flamboyant, luminous. Spirited – जोशीला, rapturous, vigorous. visit for all more material

SSC CHSL Fill in the Blanks 2016-17
Q90. Mayur’s second promotion in eleven months confirms he is at the __________ of his career.
1) roof
2) zenith
3) climax
4) vertex
Correct Answer: zenith
Explanation: – zenith – चरम सीमा, extremity, pinnacle. Climax – पराकाष्ठा, the point of greatest intensity.
Vertex – the highest point; the top or apex.

Q91. The corrupt officer was a ____________ to the department.
1) disgrace
2) disinterred
3) discontent
4) Despair
Correct Answer: disgrace
Explanation: – disgrace – loss of reputation or respect as the result of a dishonourable action, कलंक का कारण.
Disinter – खोदना, dig up. Discontent – असंतोष, dissatisfaction. Despair – निराशा, disappointment, frustration.
Ex – Poverty is not a disgrace, but theft is a disgrace.

Q92. The union allows the employees to bargain ______________ for higher wages.
1) wholly
2) collectively
3) fully
4) completely
Correct Answer: collectively
Explanation: – bargain – सौदा करना. fully is in a full manner; without lack or defect while wholly is completely and entirely, पूर्णतः. Collectively – सामूहिक रूप से, as a group. Completely – बिलकुल, totally, utterly.

Q93. After the votes were counted, the family _______________ was for a Hawaiian vacation.
1) together
2) idea
3) unity
4) consensus
Correct Answer: consensus
Explanation: – consensus – आम सहमति

Q94. My parents will ____________ my car if I get another speeding ticket.
1) capture
2) grab
3) confiscate
4) mob
Correct Answer: confiscate
Explanation: -confiscate is to use one’s authority to lay claim to and separate a possession from its holder.
Capture is to take into one’s possession or control by force.

Q95. The lawyer tried to ______________ his client to accept the generous settlement offer.
1) draw
2) seduce
3) incite
4) persuade
Correct Answer: persuade
Explanation: – Generous – showing a readiness to give more of something, especially money, उदार.
Draw – खींचना, draw, exert, pull. Seduce – लुभाना,tempt, seduce, lure, entice. Incite – उत्तेजित करना,incite, agitate, rouse. Persuade – राज़ी करना.