SSC CHSL 2016-17 Fill in the Blanks / Filler with Explanation

SSC CHSL Fill in the Blanks 2016-17
Q41. Then, he left for Silicon Valley to ___________ his dream of launching a startup. (19-01-2017)
1) persevere
2) eschew
3) pursue
4) cherish
Correct Answer: pursue
Explanation: – persevere – दृढ़ रहना, persist. Eschew – त्याग करना, sacrifice. Pursue – पाने की कोशिश करना, पीछे लगे रहना, follow. Cherish – संजोना, embellish. Leave – प्रस्थान, departure. startup- शुरुआत में छोटा बिज़नेस
Ex – He pursued his career as a financial analyst.

Q42. The professor _______________ over just one point for full two hours. (18-01-2017)
1) deliberated
2) mentioned
3) conversed
4) stated
Correct Answer: deliberated
Explanation: – Deliberate – विचार-विमर्श करना, बहस करना. Mention – उल्लेख करना. Converse – बातचीत करना, negotiate, talk.
deliberate is to consider carefully while mention is to make a short reference to something.
Ex – She deliberated for a long time before giving her decision.

Q43. I won’t be able to come to the party, as I have certain _______________ to meet. (18-01-2017)
1) promises
2) commitments
3) assurances
4) tasks
Correct Answer: commitments
Explanation: – Promise – वादा, agreement. Commitment –प्रतिबद्धता, an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.. Assurance – आश्वासन. Task – कार्य.
Ex – I really appreciate his dedication and commitment for the work.

Q44. This is the time that you need to _________ all your strength. (19-01-2017)
1) muster
2) build
3) capture
4) show
Correct Answer: muster
Explanation: – muster – एकत्र करना, collect, conjoin, colligate. Build – निर्माण करना. Capture – कबज़ा करना.
Ex -The team will need all the strength they can muster to win this game.

Q45. This is the time that you need to _________ all your strength.
1) muster repeated
2) build
3) capture
4) show
Correct Answer: muster

Q46. The residence of that rich man was plain to the point of being ____________, with no luxuries.
1) ascetic
2) austere
3) stringent
4) solemn
Correct Answer: austere
Explanation: – ascetic – तपस्वी, hermit, saint. Austere – सीधा-सादा. Stringent – कठोर, firm.
Solemn – गंभीर, serious, grave.

Q47. _______your crime and your sentence may be reduced, suggested the police. (20-01-2017)
1) Apologies
2) Communicate
3) Confess
4) Inform
Correct Answer: Confess
Explanation: – apologies – क्षमा याचना. Communicate – संचार करना. Confess – पाप स्वीकार करना.
Ex – Confess your sins to God and he will forgive you.
Sentence – सजा .

Q48. The payment of dues have been ______ delayed , informed the executive to the client. (20-01-2017 )
1) incredibly
2) crazily
3) amazingly
4) unduly
Correct Answer: unduly
Explanation: – incredibly – अविश्वसनीय रूप से, implausibly. Crazily – उन्माद से. Amazingly – surprisingly,
आश्चर्यजनक रूप से. Unduly – अनुचित रूप से.
Ex- There’s no need to get unduly anxious about my health.

Q49. The majestic Himalayas are revered, for from them _________ the life sustaining river, mother Ganga. (20-01-2017)
1) derives
2) exudes
3) emanates
4) radiates
Correct Answer: emanates
Explanation: -derive – व्युत्पन्न होना. Exude – पसीना निकलना, sudation. Emanate – उत्पन्न होना, crop out.
Radiate – किरण फेंकना, disseminate. Emanate is to come from a source while derive is to obtain or receive (something) from something else.
Ex- The light emanated from the sun.

Q50. Siddhartha ____________ his wife and children, and left for the mountains.
1) renounced
2) deserted
3) neglected
4) relinquished
Correct Answer: renounced
Explanation: – renounce – त्यागना, abdication, to give up or relinquish especially by formal announcement. Desert- छोड़ना.
Neglect – उपेक्षा करना, defy, ignore, disregard. relinquish – त्यागना, forsake.

SSC CHSL Fill in the Blanks 2016-17
Q51. No parents can __________to see their ward waste their potential. (20-01-2017)
1) visualize
2) predict
3) envisage
4) afford
Correct Answer: afford
Explanation: – Visualize – कल्पना करना, presume, Imagine. Predict – भविष्यवाणी. Envisage – विचार करना, contemplate, ponder.
Afford – बर्दाश्त प्करना, दे सकना. Ward – संरक्षण में रहनेवाला नाबालिग़.
Ex – They couldn’t afford new dresses for their children.

Q52. The minister appealed to the public not to ____________ to violence. (20-01-2017)
1) criticize
2) provoke
3) resort
4) influence
Correct Answer: resort
Explanation: – criticize – निंदा करना, condemn. Provoke – भड़काना, inflame, aggravate, induce, instigate.
Resort – सहारा लेना. Influence – प्रभाव डालना.
Ex – Governments usually resort to price control to maintain inflation level.

Q53. The combination of high IQ and general knowledge makes it easier to ____________ these skills.(21-01-2017)
1) have
2) acquire
3) procure
4) get
Correct Answer: acquire
Explanation: – Have – possess, own. Acquire – प्राप्त करना, obtain. Procure – परिश्रम से प्राप्त करना.

Q54. Despite the bank’s security staff ____________ a vigil over the treasury boxes, the cash was stolen. (21-01-2017)
1) putting
2) placing
3) keeping
4) taking
Correct Answer: keeping
Explanation: – If someone keeps a vigil or keeps vigil somewhere or at something , they monitor it minutely.
Ex – The dog kept vigil over his sleeping master.

Q55. During a depression even the affluent middle class struggles to _______ out a living. (21-01-2017)
1) make
2) eke
3) pull
4) stretch
Correct Answer: eke
Explanation: – Eke out – जैसे-तैसे निर्वाह करना.
Ex – They managed to eke out a living by farming a small piece of land.
Make out – पता लगाना, समझना, ascertain. Pull out – बाहर खींचें. stretch out – कार्यभार में वृद्धि. visit for all more material

Q56. While mother mixed the cake __________, Dipu stood at the table watching her. (21-01-2017)
1) batter
2) concoction
3) recipe
4) mixture
Correct Answer: batter
Explanation: – Cake batter is the elusive middle-state shit that is not quite hard but not quite loose or watery, but somewhere in between.
SSC CHSL Fill in the Blanks 2016-17

Q57. Please be patient. All your grievances will be ____________.(22-01-2017)
1) settled
2) satisfied
3) solved
4) attended
Correct Answer: settled
Explanation: – settled – resolve or reach an agreement about (an argument or problem), समाधान करना.
Satisfy – fulfil (a desire or need). Attend – deal with.

Q58. I ________ my black leather shoes till they shine.
1) scrub
2) rub
3) brush
4) polish
Correct Answer: polish
Explanation: – scrub – rub (someone or something) hard so as to clean them, मांजना. Rub –
रगड़ना, मिटाना, erase. Polish – चमकाना.

Q59. The primary objective of a socialist government is to __________ the miseries of the poor. (22-01-2017)
1) mollify
2) mitigate
3) soothe
4) abet
Correct Answer: mitigate
Explanation: – mollify – शांत करना, appease the anger or anxiety of someone. Mitigate – कम करना, make something less serious, or painful. Soothe – शांत करना, calm, relieve. Abet – उकसाना.
Ex – Governments should endeavour to mitigate distress.

Q60. The unfortunate family could do nothing, but __________ the death of their sole bread winner. (22-01-2017)
1) wail
2) languish
3) mourn
4) repent
Correct Answer: mourn
Explanation: – Sole bread winner – एकमात्र कमानेवाला. Wail – चिल्लाना, yell, shout. Languish – मुरझाना,fade, shrivel, wither. Mourn – विलाप करना, deplore, moan. Repent – पश्चाताप करना.
EX – She still mourns the fact that she never went to school. वह अभी भी इस तथ्य को शोक करती है कि वह कभी स्कूल नहीं गई थी.

SSC CHSL Fill in the Blanks 2016-17
Q61. A month before he was scheduled to be hanged from the ________________ , the president granted him clemency. (22-01-2017)
1) gallows
2) balcony
3) stands
4) frame
Correct Answer: gallows
Explanation: – Clemency – दया, mercy. Gallows – फांसी का तख़्ता. Stands- Store, parking.
Frame – ढांचा.

Q62. The researchers are _____________ into the mode of life of diabetes patients as diabetes is a lifestyle ailment. (22-01-2017)
1) inspecting
2) investigating
3) observing
4) seeing
Correct Answer: investigating
Explanation: – inspect – जांचना, calibrate, test. As verbs the difference between investigate and inspect
is that investigate is to inquire into or study in order to ascertain facts or information while inspect is to examine carefully to search out problems. Observe – ग़ौर से देखना, watch.

Q63. He is now very old, yet grandfather still is the _______________ head of my extended family.(23-01-2017)
1) absolute
2) complete
3) overall
4) undisputed
Correct Answer: undisputed
Explanation: – Absolute – असीम, limitless, infinite. Overall – संपूर्ण, gross. Undisputed – निर्विवाद, non-controversial, accepted. ex- The date of the wedding party is now undisputed.

Q64. At the same _________ the bell struck and school was dismissed.
1) occasion
2) jiffy
3) moment
4) period
Correct Answer: moment
Explanation: – occasion – अवसर, opportunity, chance. Jiffy – पल. At the same time / moment – Simultaneously. Period – अवधि, term.
Ex –Shruti and Ravi both arrived at the same time / moment by pure coincidence.

Q65. He had never been of a ____________ constitution, and after a little more than a week’s illness he died.
1) superb
2) energetic
3) dynamic
4) robust
Correct Answer: robust
Explanation: – constitution – बनावटॅ, संविधान. Superb – शानदार, magnificent, spectacular. Dynamic – गतिशील, mobile. Robust – तगड़ा, sturdy, strong, stout.
Ex – The formerly robust economy has begun to weaken

Q66. It doesn’t look like you’re all that ________ at singing either.
1) ignorance
2) skilled
3) adept
4) adapt
Correct Answer: adept
Explanation:- ignorance – अज्ञान. Skilled – कुशल, trained. Adept – निपुण , expert, highly skilled, completely versed.
Adapt – अनुरूप होना, conform. Ex- Mona quickly became adept at dancing.

Q67. Possessing even a single nuclear weapon acts as a _________________.
1) deterrent
2) detriment
3) boundary
4) excuse
Correct Answer: deterrent
Explanation: – deterrent- A retaliatory means of discouraging enemy attack- a nuclear deterrent.
Detriment – नुक़सान, spoilage. Boundary – सीमा, limit. Excuse – बहाना,pretext.

Q68. As global temperatures rise, an untreatable new strain of the flu might _________ up at any moment.
1) fill
2) crop
3) bring
4) chop
Correct Answer: crop
Explanation: – untreatable – लाइलाज. strain – तनाव, stress, force. Crop up – पैदा होना, Engender.
fill up – भरें. Bring up – पालन-पोषण करना, rear up. Chop up – टुकड़े टुकड़े करना,chop up, smash.
Ex – Problems may crop up and hit you before you are ready.

Q69. How can any ____________ person hope to know what thoughts transpire in so evil a mind? (24-01-2017)
1) rational
2) sober
3) thinking
4) negligent
Correct Answer: rational
Explanation: – transpire – मालूम हो जाना, become apparent, be revealed. Rational – समझदार, sane, shrewd.
Sober – गंभीर, grave, solemn. Negligent – लापरवाह, reckless.

Q70. They played with the lambs in the field and saw no human __________ but the shepherd.
1) individual
2) beings
3) person
4) self
Correct Answer: beings
Explanation: – Lambs – मेमना, kid. Human beings- मनुष्य. Shepherd –चरवाहा.