SSC CHSL 2016-17 Fill in the Blanks / Filler with Explanation

SSC CHSL Fill in the Blanks / Filler 2016-17 with Explanation :- 120 Questions

SSC CHSL Fill in the Blanks 2017

SSC CHSL Fill in the Blanks 2017

Instruction: – In the following questions, the sentence given with blank to be filled in with an appropriate word. Select the correct alternative out of the four and indicate it by selecting the appropriate option. You can watch our youtube channel for explanation

Q.1.If you are caught using a calculator in the exam then it will be ______________. (07-01-2017)
1) taken
2) confiscated
3) confisticate
4) under possession
Correct Answer: confiscated
Explanation: – The term “will be” should be followed by third form of verb.
Ex- Your phone will be confiscated by security guard.
Confiscate means ज़ब्त करना, expropriate, seize

Q. 2. The warning bells __________several times before anyone realized the danger. (8-January-2017)
1) were ringing
2) had rung
3) had rang
4) would have rung
Correct Answer: had rung
Explanation:- When there are two actions of past , use past perfect tense for the first action and past indefinite for the second action.
Past perfect tense structure- subject + had + third form of verb ( indicates that an action was completed (finished or “perfected”) at some point in the past before something else happened.)
Ex – I had already completed my work when he called.”

Q.3.A large _______ of angry bisons rampaged through the villages. (07-01-2017)
1) herd
2) swarm
3) group
4) flock
Correct Answer: herd
Explanation: – Herd – a large group of animals, swarm – a large or dense group of flying insects.
Flock – a number of birds
Rampage means हंगामा, furore; bison – जंगली सांड

Q. 4.Nobody gets __________ with a pretentious smug.
1) along
2) up
3) about
4) through
Correct Answer: along
Explanation: – If you get along with someone, you have a friendly relationship with them.
Ex – I don’t really get along with my brothers. मैं वास्तव में अपने भाइयों के साथ नहीं मिलता
pretentious कपटी Smug दंभी, conceited, proud

Q.5. The __________ with which she manages the task is remarkable. (8-01-2017)
1) calm
2) comfort
3) ease
4) satisfaction
Correct Answer: ease
Explanation: – Ease means Absence of difficulty or effort.
Ex – she gave up drinking with ease.
Remarkable असाधारण उल्लेखनीय

Q. 6. The Directors failed to understand the ______________ behind the decision to suspend the manager. (8-01-2017)
1) belief
2) politics
3) ideology
4) rationale तर्क, औचित्य, मूल कारण
Correct Answer: rationale
Explanation: – rationale means तर्क, औचित्य, मूल कारण, source appropriateness, visit for all more material

Q.7._______ and my younger brother went to the movies all by ourselves.
1) I
2) Mine
3) Myself
4) My own self
Correct Answer: I
Explanation: – The subject of given sentence should be in subjective case –” I ”
Mine – possessive pronoun
Myself – reflexive pronoun
Q. 8.I never go shopping on weekends as on those days the malls are ________ of people. (8-January-2017)
1) full
2) busy
3) crowded
4) packed
Correct Answer: full
Full – भरा हुआ, Crowded – लोगों से भरा, packed – लपेटा हुआ, पैक किया हुआ

Q. 9.Even if two horses may look ____________, they may not be of the same age. (9-January-2017)
1) comparable
2) alike
3) on par
4) only same
Correct Answer: alike
Explanation: – comparable – तुलना योग्य, सदृश, resembling, analogical
Alike -एक जैसे, akin on par – एक के बाद only same – केवल एक ही
The twin girls are so much alike that I can’t differentiate one from the other.

Q. 10. She deserved the accolades as she ____________________ for it. (9-January-2017)
1) hardly worked
2) had hard worked
3) was working hard
4) had worked hard
Correct Answer: had worked hard
Explanation: – When there are two actions of past, use past perfect tense for the first action and past indefinite for the second action.
Past perfect tense structure- subject + had + third form of verb (indicates that an action was completed (finished or “perfected”) at some point in the past before something else happened.)
accolades – वाहवाही, deserved – योग्य होना

SSC CHSL Fill in the Blanks 2016-17
Q. 11. The baby looked__________ the toffee with greedy eyes. (11-January-2017)
1) upon
2) into
3) on
4) at
Correct Answer: at
Explanation: – “look on/upon” means to think of (as), consider
Ex – She looked on me as a stranger.
“Look into” means to inquire into, investigate, examine.
Ex – The supervisor looked into the records.
“Look at” means see, watch, observe.
Ex -Look at that girl standing at the ticket counter.

Q.12. Let the cat out of the ______. (9-January-2017)
1) house
2) well
3) bag
4) cart
Correct Answer: bag
Explanation: – Idiom “let the cat out of the bag” means reveal a secret carelessly or by mistake.
Ex – She let the cat out of the bag when he accidentally met him.

Q. 13.At this critical juncture what the company needs is a _______________ marketing strategy. (10-January-2017)
1) creditable
2) adventurous
3) incredible
4) credible
Correct Answer: credible
Explanation: – Adventurous – साहसिक, जोखिम से भरा, risky. ; Incredible- अविश्वसनीय, आश्चर्यजनक, amazing
juncture – समय; Creditable – worthy of acknowledgement and praise; Credible – capable of being believed,
Example of credible – He lost his credibility because he betrayed his partner.

Q. 14. _____________ around the bush. (10-January-2017)

1) To hit
2) To beat
3) To circle
4) To hide
Correct Answer: To beat
Explanation: – Idiom “beat around the bush” means avoid talking about the main topic/not speaking directly
Ex – Please stop beating around the bush and tell me what the problem is!

Q. 15. Providence smiles ________ those who are diligent. (11-January-2017)
1) with
2) in
3) upon
4) over
Correct Answer: upon
Explanation:- Providence / fortune is smiling (up)on (someone) means that someone is fortunate enough; good things tend to happen to someone.
Ex – It seems that Providence is smiling upon her. (diligent – मेहनती)

Q. 16.The government allocated Rs 1,000 Cr for __________________ of historical monuments.(11-January-2017)
1) resurrection
2) revival
3) resumption
4) restoration
Correct Answer: restoration
Explanation: – resurrection – पुनरजीवन, revival
Resumption – पुनरारंभ restoration – मरम्मत
Ex – Restoration of the historic buildings was needed.

Q. 17.Put your own house_______ order before preaching others. (11-January-2017)
1) within
2) into
3) in
4) to
Correct Answer: in
Explanation: – “get/put your own house in order” means to solve your own problems.
Ex – You should put your own house in order before telling other people what to do. visit for all more material

Q.18. He is not a native speaker yet he has a good __________ over German. (10-January-2017)
1) authority
2) hold
3) command
4) expertise
Correct Answer: command
Explanation: – Authority – अधिकार; hold – पकड़;
command – आदेश, नियंत्रण, control; expertise – विशेषज्ञता, specialisation
“Command “ in a sentence -My friend has a good command of English.

Q.19. He succeeded in proving his point with ______________ logic. (12-January-2017)
1) diabolical
2) irrefutable
3) rational
4) analytical
Correct Answer: irrefutable
Explanation: – diabolical means शैतानी, devilish
Irrefutable means अखंडनीय,undeniable, impregnable.
Rational means तर्कसंगत
Analytical विश्लेषणात्मक
Ex:- The documents provide irrefutable evidence of the crime.

Q. 20.Every evening a ____________ of wolves descends into the valley to hunt. (10-January-2017)
1) pack
2) gang
3) company
4) herd
Correct Answer: pack
Explanation: – Pack – a group of wolves/dogs.
Gang – टोली, team, group
Company – संगठन, organization
Herd – a group of animals

SSC CHSL Fill in the Blanks 2016-17
Q.21.Expectant mothers are more ____________ to lung damage due to smoking. (12-January-2017)
1) vulnerable
2) disposed
3) sensitive
4) affected
Correct Answer: vulnerable
Explanation: -”Expectant mother” means गर्भवती माँ. Vulnerable – चपेट में.
Disposed – उतारू. Sensitive – संवेदनशील. Affected – प्रभावित
Ex – People with high blood pressure are especially vulnerable to diabetes.

Q. 22.Corporates need to do much more to increase consumer __________________ about duplicate products.
1) information
2) habits
3) awareness
4) satisfaction
Correct Answer: awareness
Explanation: – Awareness means जागरूकता. Ex- We need to increase public awareness about the social crime.

Q. 23.The investment bankers worked with the management of both the merging companies to ___________ a consensus on the merger terms. (13-January-2017)
1) express
2) emerge
3) elucidate
4) reach
Correct Answer: reach
Explanation: – Express – व्यक्त करना. Emerge – उभरना. Elucidate – स्पष्ट करना, clarify, illuminate.
Reach – पहुंच, access, approach. consensus – आम सहमति.
विलय के नियमों पर सहमति पर पहुंचने के लिए निवेश बैंकरों ने दोनों विलय कंपनियों के प्रबंधन के साथ काम किया

Q.24.The investigations revealed a ______________lack of efficiency in the functioning of the airlines. (15-01-2017)
1) plain
2) obscure
3) conspicuous
4) concealed
Correct Answer: conspicuous
Explanation: – plain – सादा. Obscure – अस्पष्ट, ambiguous, unclear. Conspicuous – सहजदृश्य, विशिष्ट,clearly visible, distinct. Concealed – गुप्त, lurking, Confidential.
Ex – The banner must be displayed in a conspicuous place.

Q.25. To better the public transport system, the municipality ______________ the scheme of securing dedicated lanes for buses. (17-01-2017)
1) marketed
2) launched
3) floated
4) enhanced
Correct Answer: launched
Explanation: – dedicated – समर्पित, lane –पथ. Market(v.) – बेचना , sell. Launch – प्रारंभ करना, Embark
Float – उतारना. Enhance – बढ़ाना, Enlarge.
Ex – Shortly we are going to launch a new business.
सार्वजनिक परिवहन व्यवस्था को बेहतर बनाने के लिए, नगर निगम ने बसों के लिए समर्पित लेन सुरक्षित करने की योजना लॉन्च की है।

Q. 26.In India, Hindi is the most ___________ spoken language. (15-01-2017)
1) profusely
2) richly
3) deeply
4) widely
Correct Answer: widely
Explanation: – profusely – बहुतायत से, affluently. Richly – बड़े पैमाने पर, extensively.
Deeply – गंभीरतापूर्वक, profoundly. Widely – व्यापक रूप से
Ex- His books are widely read and quoted.

Q.27. The criminal was released on ___________ for a few days so that he could spend time with his ailing mother.(17-01-2017)
1) parole
2) guarantee
3) grant
4) mercy
Correct Answer: parole
Explanation: – parole – कारावकाश, प्रतिज्ञा , If you’re in prison, after serving a few years you might be let out on parole. Guarantee – वादा . Grant – अनुदान , आर्थिक मदद
Ex – Parole was denied since the convict showed no remorse for his crime.

Q. 28. The High Court judge ____________ the orders passed by the district court. (15-01-2017)
1) quashed
2) squashed
3) killed
4) rented
Correct Answer: quashed
Explanation: – quash- खारिज करना. Squash – दमन करना, suppress, govern
Ex:-The company tried to quash the unfounded rumours.

Q.29. The employee had become _______________ to both the manager’s praise as well as reprimand. (17-01-2017)
1) hardened
2) indifferent
3) hostile
4) immune
Correct Answer: indifferent
Explanation : – harden – कड़ा करना या होना. Indifferent – तटस्थ, उदासीन, inattentive, neutral.
Hostile – शत्रुतापूर्ण, rancorous, prejudicial, aversive. Immune – प्रतिरक्षा
Ex – Now a days People have become indifferent to the suffering of others.

Q.30.The Department has ____________ a complaint against Mr. Bakshi. (15-01-2017)
1) expressed
2) registered
3) informed
4) noted
Correct Answer: registered
Explanation: – express – व्यक्त करना, manifest, articulate. Registered – दर्ज करना, notify.
Note – ध्यान देना, pay attention.
Ex:-He has registered a protest against corruption.

SSC CHSL Fill in the Blanks 2016-17
Q.31.He has a ___________ interest in studying human psychology. (15-01-2017)
1) deep
2) wide
3) vast
4) heavy
Correct Answer: deep
Explanation: -deep – गहनintensive, profound.
Ex – She has a deep interest in music.
vast – व्यापक, massive. visit for all more material

Q. 32.You may try but she is too ______________ to fall for your trick. (16-01-2017)
1) brilliant
2) intelligent
3) genius
4) witty
Correct Answer: intelligent
Explanation: – fall for – फंस जाना.
She was too nervous to perform well on the stage.

Q.33. As the improvement in his situation was ______________, the doctor did not discharge him. (16-01-2017)
1) marginal
2) tiny
3) microscopic
4) negated
Correct Answer: marginal
Explanation: – marginal – मामूली. Microscopic – अति सूक्ष्म. Negated -नकार दिया गया
He got marginal profit in his new business.

Q. 34.For a moment I was _____________ blinded by the camera’s bright flash. (16-01-2017)
1) heavily
2) totally
3) greatly
4) powerfully
Correct Answer: totally
Explanation: – heavily – कठिनता से, उदासी से, sadly. Totally – पूरी तरह से. Ex -He was totally confused and could not understand anything.
Greatly – वीरता से, अत्यन्त. Powerfully – शक्ति से

Q35. The vehicles involved in the accident were _______________ the flow of traffic. (16-01-2017)
1) obstructing
2) stalling
3) interfering
4) delaying
Correct Answer: obstructing
Explanation: – obstructing – निरोधक, बाधा डालना. stall – टालना, रुक जाना. Interfering – टाँग अड़ाने वाला
Delay – विलंब करना
Ex – She was charged for obstructing the highway.

Q36. I ________ to return by the 3rd of the month.
1) strategize
2) program
3) plan
4) project
Correct Answer: plan
Explanation: – strategize – रणनीतिकरण. Project – परियोजना

Q37. His success is worthy of ______________.
1) copying
2) aping
3) simulation
4) emulation
Correct Answer: emulation

Q38. The unruly behavior of the parliamentarians _____________ the speaker. (17-01-2017)
1) incensed
2) estranged
3) enflamed
4) disparaged
Correct Answer: incensed
Explanation: – unruly –अनियंत्रित, disorderly. Incense – कुद्ध करना, tease, सुलगाना. Estrange – बहिष्कार करना, boycott, हटाना.
inflame – भड़काना , provoke, aggravate, induce. Disparage – उपेक्षा करना, disregard, depreciate.
Ex – The decision of extra work incensed the entire workforce.

Q39. To understand the nature of electromagnetic radiation, it is imperative that we grasp the _______ nature of light.
1) twice
2) dual
3) double
4) dichotomous
Correct Answer: dual
Explanation: – Radiation – विकिरण. imperative – आत्यावश्यक . grasp – समझ, पकड़, sense. Twice – दो बार.
Dual – दोहरा, binary. double – दोगुना. Dichotomous – दो अलग भागों में विभाजित

Q40. The special court was ____________ without having reached any decision on the case.
1) adjourned
2) dispersed
3) postponed
4) recessed
Correct Answer: adjourned
Explanation: – Adjourn – स्थगित करना. Disperse – बिखेरना,spread. Postpone – टालना, avert.
Recess – अवकाश, leisure, vacation.