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One word substitution asked in SSC CGL 2016

SSC CGL 2016:- Total 118 QUESTIONS

Question 41.Experts who scientifically study insects
1) Gerontologists
2) Pathologists
3) Entomologists
4) Ornithologists
Correct Answer: Entomologists

Question 42.One who pretends to be what he is not
1) Hypocrite
2) Pessimist
3) Optimist
4) Infallible
Correct Answer: Hypocrite

Question 43.A paper/story/poem first written out by hand
1) Handicraft
2) Manuscript
3) Handiwork
4) Thesis
Correct Answer: Manuscript

Question 44.A job carrying no salary
1) Honorary
2) Memento
3) Honorarium
4) Memorandum
Correct Answer: Honorary

Question 45.Act of stealing something in small quantities
1) Pillage
2) Plagiarise
3) Proliferate
4) Pilferage
Correct Answer: Pilferage

Question 46.Pertaining to the west
1) Celestial
2) Occidental
3) Oriental
4) Terrestrial
Correct Answer: Occidental

Question 47.An action or event that happens before another important one and forms an introduction to it.
1) Foreword
2) Predecessor
3) Prefix
4) Prelude
Correct Answer: Prelude

Question 48.A computer printout sent out by a bank regarding debits and credits in your account.
1) Bank draft
2) Statement
3) Over­draft
4) Payee
Correct Answer: Statement

Question 49.Refresh and revive
1) Invigorate
2) Investigate
3) Invalidate
4) Invigilate
Correct Answer: Invigorate

Question 50.A place where money is coined.
1) Bank
2) Mint
3) Firm
4) Parliament
Correct Answer: Mint

Question 51.The process by means of which plants and animals breathe.
1) Respiration
2) Germination
3) Absorption
4) Transpiration
Correct Answer: Respiration

Question 52.One who sneers at the aims and beliefs of his fellow men.
1) Critic
2) Connoisseur
3) Pedant
4) Cynic
Correct Answer: Cynic

Question 53.A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics etc.
1) Store
2) Stall
3) Boutique
4) Booth
Correct Answer: Boutique

Question 54.Interval between two events
1) Recess
2) Interlude
3) Shuttle
4) Prelude
Correct Answer: Interlude

Question 55.A person’s peculiar habit
1) Peculiarity
2) Trait
3) Distinction
4) Idiosyncracy
Correct Answer: Idiosyncracy

Question 56.The art of delaying
1) Degeneration
2) Inflation
3) Procrastination
4) Regression
Correct Answer: Procrastination

Question 57.A doctor who specializes in the diseases of the eyes
1) Ophthalmologist
2) Optimist
3) Optician
4) Orthodontist
Correct Answer: Ophthalmologist

Question 58.Person who eats too much
1) Cannibal
2) Glutton
3) Obese
4) Carnivorous
Correct Answer: Glutton

Question 59.Write or carve words on stone or paper
1) Sketch
2) Imprint
3) Affix
4) Inscribe
Correct Answer: Inscribe

Question 60.Unable to pay one’s debt
1) Insolvent
2) Impute
3) Indebt
4) Obligate
Correct Answer: Insolvent

Question 61.Trouble and annoy continually
1) Complaint
2) Harass
3) Punish
4) Oppress
Correct Answer: Harass

Question 62.A narrow stretch of land connecting two large bodies of land.
1) Lagoon
2) Cape
3) Strait
4) Isthumus
Correct Answer: Isthumus

Question 63.An animal which lives by preying on other animals
1) Aggressor
2) Attacker
3) Terminator
4) Predator
Correct Answer: Predator

Question 64.Government or rule by a small group of people
1) Monarchy
2) Oligarchy
3) Autocracy
4) Autonomy
Correct Answer: Oligarchy

Question 65.One who copies from other writers
1) Pluralist
2) Imitator
3) Plagiarist
4) Copycat
Correct Answer: Plagiarist

Question 66.Thing that can be felt or touched
1) Pandemic
2) Palpable
3) Paltry
4) Panchromatic
Correct Answer: Palpable

Question 67.The scientific study of elections
1) Pathology
2) Palaeontology
3) Psephology
4) Philology
Correct Answer: Psephology

Question 68.A notice of a person’s death
1) Memorandum
2) Obituary
3) Reminder
4) Rejoinder
Correct Answer: Obituary

Question 69.An animal that lives in groups
1) Hoard
2) Fastidious
3) Gullible
4) Gregarious
Correct Answer: Gregarious

Question 70.Hard working and diligent
1) Seditious
2) Sedate
3) Sedulous
4) Scheming
Correct Answer: Sedulous

Question 71.Shine with a bright but brief or irregular light
1) Whimper
2) Flicker
3) Cower
4) Mutter
Correct Answer: Flicker

Question 72.The act of setting free from bondage of any kind
1) Emancipation
2) Eradication
3) Indemnity
4) Emigration
Correct Answer: Emancipation

Question 73.A disease that affects a large number of people in an area at the same time
1) Endemic
2) Epidemic
3) Epidermic
4) Endothermic
Correct Answer: Epidemic

Question 74.A brief or short stay at a place
1) Solitude
2) Soiree
3) Sojourn
4) Solistice
Correct Answer: Sojourn

Question 75.That which can be believed
1) Miraculous
2) Creditable
3) Credible
4) Gullible
Correct Answer: Credible

Question 76.One who is indifferent to pain or pleasure
1) Eccentric
2) Philosopher
3) Fatalist
4) Stoic
Correct Answer: Stoic

Question 77.A drug which makes one see things that are not really there.
1) Aphrodisiac
2) Steroid
3) Carcinogen
4) Hallucinogen
Correct Answer: Hallucinogen

Question 78.Providing relief
1) Reissue
2) Reprieve
3) Rejoinder
4) Refuge
Correct Answer: Reprieve

Question 79.The philosophy of putting another’s welfare above one’s own.
1) Agnosticism
2) Polytheism
3) Altruism
4) Iconoclasm
Correct Answer: Altruism

Question 80.A person who is new to a profession
1) Expert
2) Coach
3) Tutor
4) Novice
Correct Answer: Novice

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