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GAIL Interview Questions



GAIL (India) Limited is a Maharatna Central Public Sector Undertaking (CPSE) company which is engaged in Gas Transportation and Marketing, City Gas Distribution and Petrochemical. Gail has many subsidiary companies which are engaged in different gas and petrochemical business.

There are approximately 4500 employees presently working in the company on direct payroll. The company’s corporate office is located at GAIL Bhawan, 16 Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi.

Gail (India) Limited, a government of India undertaking companies recruits engineers and managers at two levels.

  1. Recruitment at GET/MT directly through campus interview or Through GATE
  2. Recruitment of Experience professionals – Through Written Test and Interview


The following branches will be recruited by GAIL 

Mechanical Engineering,

Chemical Engineering,

Instrumentation Engineering,

IT or Computer Science,

Fire and Safety,



Human Resource

Contract and Procurement


Gail generally visits premier engineering colleges like IITs and NITs for direct campus recruitment where the shortlisted students are interviewed an Interview panels which generally consists of GAIL officials.

In the campus interview, most of the questions are common in nature and related to the branch of study or your engineering or management stream.


Top GAIL Interview Questions

Questions 1. Tell me about yourself?

Questions 2. Why do you want to join GAIL?

Questions 3. What do you know about GAIL?

Questions 4. What are your hobbies?

Questions 5. What will you contribute to GAIL after joining the company?

Questions 6. Why your grades are so poor? (In case CGPA is low)

Questions 7. What do you know about petrochemical industries?

Questions 8. What is the composition of LPG?

Questions 9. Have you visited any CNG station?

Questions 10. How do you know about GAIL?

Questions 11. Who are the competitors of GAIL?

Questions 12. What are our products?

Questions 13. Do you know where our petrochemical plants are located?

Questions 14. What is pressure?

Questions 15. What is the unit of pressure?

Questions 16. How do you measure flow?

Questions 17. What is the difference between piping and pipeline?

Questions 18. How will you identify leakage from pipes?

Questions 19. What is a pump?

Questions 20. What is a pressure vessel?



GAIL Campus Interview Questions for Mechanical Engineers


Questions 1. What are the different types of pumps?

Questions 2. What is the pump efficiency?

Questions 3. Which pump will deliver more flow, centrifugal or reciprocating?

Questions 4. What are the different types of bearings?

Questions 5. What is the compressor?

Questions 6. What is the difference between the centrifugal compressor and reciprocating compressor?

Questions 7. What is corrosion?

Questions 8. What are the main reasons for corrosion?

Questions 9. How to avoid corrosion?

Questions 10. What are the different types of welding?

Questions 11. What is the pipe schedule?

Questions 12. What are the different types of electrodes used in welding?

Questions 13. What is SMAW?

Questions 14. What is TIG?

Questions 15. What is GSAW?

Questions 16. What are the ASME codes?

Questions 17. What is Heat Exchangers?

Questions 18. What are temperature probes?

Questions 19. Whare is pressure gauge?

Questions 20. What are the different types of flow meters?



GAIL Campus Interview Questions for Chemical Engineers

Questions 1. Why you have chosen chemical engineering?

Questions 2. What chemical engineer do in process industries?

Questions 3. What is a mass-energy balance?

Questions 4. What is the specific energy?

Questions 5. What if column?

Questions 6. What is the reactor?

Questions 7. What is the performance curve of a pump?

Questions 8. What is cavitation?

Questions 9. What is the chemical formula of ethylene?

Questions 10. How you will separate ethylene from heavier hydrocarbon?








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