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Computer GK in English Quiz 8



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Computer GK in English Quiz 8

Computer GK in English Quiz 8 has 10 questions. For correct answer you will get 3 marks & for wrong answer -1 (minus 1) mark. After submitting Answer sheet, you can check right and wrong answers as well as your total marks.

All the Best !!

1. The symbol is used to indicate a point at which decision has to be made __ .


2. Which technology is used in Compact disks?


3. Mouse is a ______________.


4. Blueprints are usually created using ____________software.


5. A dumb terminal has


6. Multiplexing involves ______ path and _______ channel.


7. ROM stands for


8. What menu is selected to save or save as _________.


9. When sending an email, ________line describes the content of the message.


10. What does SSE stand for in Intel’s SSE Technology?



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