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Biology (General Science) Online GK Quiz -3 Question for All Govt Exam



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Biology GK in English Quiz-3

Biology GK in English Quiz-3 has 15 questions. For correct answer you will get 3 marks & for wrong answer -1 (minus 1) mark. After submitting Answer sheet, you can check right and wrong answers as well as your total marks.

All the Best !!

1. Name the tiny pores present on the surface of leaves in plants


2. The corner of the cells of collenchyma tissue in plants are thickened due to deposition of


3. Study of antigen and antibodies found in blood


4. Among the following animals, choose the one having three pairs of legs


5. What is the farming along with animal husbandry called


6. Which of the following is a female sex hormone


7. Which one among the following glands is present in pairs in human body


8. Which blood vessels carry pure blood from the lungs to heart


9. Thyroid gland is situated in our


10. Which organelles in the cell other than nucleus contain DNA


11. Which vitamin is destroyed by cooking?


12. Homo erectus is the scientific name of


13. Which one of the following tissues conducts food material in plants?


14. Circincite venation of leaves is a typical character of


15. First plant viruses were discovered in



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    Struggle for existence is belong to Darwin…….

    • bikesh

      November 30, 2019 at 2:01 am

      yes u r rite..

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