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All gk & English ssc chsl 2018

7th March Q&A English SSC CHSL 2018



7th March Q&A English SSC CHSL 2018

Antonym/Synonym –

1.Sordid- involving immoral or dishonourable actions and motives. Disgusting,  odious, abominable घिनौना , निन्दनीय.
Antonym – Pleasant, respectable, honourable.

2. Turbulence- a state of conflict or confusion. Turmoil, अशांति , हलचल . Antonym- peace, calmness.

3. Implicit- suggested though not directly expressed. implied, indirect. antonym- explicit, direct.

4. Mordant- (especially of humour) having or showing a sharp or critical quality; biting (चुभता), caustic, व्यंग्यमिश्रित,sarcastic. Antonym- Gentle, kind, soft.

5. Prim- very formal , proper, नियमानुकूल, feeling or showing disapproval of anything regarded as improper.
Anto- informal.

6. Loath- reluctant; unwilling अनिच्छुक, असन्तुष्ट. Antonym- willing, eager.

7. Truculent- eager or quick to argue or fight, defiant (विद्रोही ), aggressive. Antonym- cooperative, friendly, amiable.

8. Discerning- having or showing good judgement, discriminating,  judicious, समझदार, विवेकी.
Antonym-  indiscriminate.

Idioms & Phrases

1.All thumbs – awkward, clumsy, अनाड़ी- फ़ूहड़
Ex- My mother does beautiful painting, but I’m all thumbs.

2.A wet blanket – a person who spoils other people’s fun.

3. Burn (one’s) boats – to do something that cannot be easily undone or reversed in the future.
4. Smooth ruffled feathers – To attempt to calm or appease someone who is annoyed, irritated, or upset.


1. Renaissance

Fill in the blanks

1. ———– worst is yet to come.
Ans.- use definite article ‘the’ with superlative degree worst .

2. The bank decided to ______ them the money as they were reliable clients.
(1) lend
(2) Borrow
(3) let
(4) lease

Ans: (1) . lend – कर्ज़ देना. let- अनुमति देना . Borrow- उधार मांगना. lease- पट्टे पर देना, rent.

One Word Substitution
1.One who hates marriage –Misogamist
2.A place where dead bodies are buried –Cemetery, कब्रिस्तान.

Spotting error

1. A period of six years (A)/ have elapsed (B)/ since I last saw her. (C)/ No error (D).
Answer:- B
Explanation:-A period of six years is a singular subject. Hence ‘singular verb’ i.e. has elapsed should be used.
छह साल की अवधि गुजर चुके है जबसे मैंने आखिरी बार उसे देखा था।

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