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All gk & English ssc chsl 2018

6 March GK SSC CHSL 2018 Questions with analysis



6 March GK SSC CHSL 2018 Questions with analysis

Q1.In which of these, gautam buddha was not related –
a. Satara
b. Khushinagar
c. Pawapuri
d. Bodhgya
Q2.SEBI is a ______ body Constitutional, non-constructional, legal
Q3. Find out which sentence is correct
a. Sulphur and phosphorus are ductile
b. Nitrogen and Sulphur have luster

Q4.Which of these planets are smaller in size to earth
A. Neptune, Mars
B. Venus, Mars
C. Jupiter, uranus
D. Neptune, venus
Q5. What is the Language of surdas poetry?
Q6. Real name of Gautam Buddha
Q7.One question from Nylon :three facts were given , find out which one is correct
(a)It is strong and light in weight
(b)Year it was discovered
(c)It was the first artificial Fibre found.
(d)None of the above

6 March GK SSC CHSL 2018 Questions with analysis

Q8. Official capital of Sri Lanka
Q9. Total Amount allotted for “har ghar bijli sahaj yojna”.
Q10. Farthest distance From the sun of a orbit of a planet is called?
Q11.which of the following is a constructional body?
Q12.Dulhousie was not related with which of these
a. Bengal reunion, b. Maratha
Q13. man made fibre – nylon
Q14. GDP of 2016-17
Q15.Constitutional amendment for municipalities.

6 March GK SSC CHSL 2018 Questions with analysis

Q16.question related to properties of sulphur
Q17.One question from government scheme.
Q18.One question related to motor vehicle act.
Q19.One question related to sodium property
Q20.Question related to aerobic and anaerobic respiration

Q21.question related to properties of respiration
Q22. 3  questions asked from inflation

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