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All gk & English ssc chsl 2018

13 March Q&A GK SSC CHSL 2018



13 March Q&A GK SSC CHSL 2018

Which Sikh Guru is born in Patna?

Mentor India program was initiated by whom?

Which country has launched the world’s first fully electric cargo ship – China, South Korea, Malasiya, Singapore?

Who is the architect of National Bhawan?

What is the currency of Mexico?

Who was first woman judge of the supreme court?

What is the currency of Uruguay?

Berlin is at the shore of which river?

Elimination of Manganese is done from which ore?

Where is the headquarter of new development bank located?

Who was the political Guru of Gandhi ji?

In which state Sarvopriya Yojana was established first?

Who is the first woman driver of America Space Shuttle?

Who appoints UPSC Chairman?

Find equivalent resistance if two resistance 12 ohm and 24 ohm. given in parallel?

Japan has given cooperation to which group in the second world war?

Where is the Niger River located?

Who appoints the Controller and Auditor General?

In which five-year plan did the GDP target exceed?

Which country has ‘Rose Flower’ as the National Sign?

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