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12 March SSC CHSL 2018 all Shift GK Questions & Exam analysis



12 March SSC CHSL 2018 all Shift GK Questions & Exam analysis

Q1. wave speed is given as 800 m/s and the wavelength = 16 m is given what will be the frequency?
Options:- (a)100 (b)50 (c)1600 (d) 320
Correct answer:- (b) 50 use formula v=f λ

Q2. Which one is wrong from the given option
(a) Thermometer, temperature
(b) Barometer, pressure
(c) Length, mass
Correct answer:- c

Q3. What is the SI unit of G:- (N-m2)/kg2

Q4.Rank of Pakistan according to population:- 6th

Q5.Which type of medicine used in Indigestion:- Antacids

Q6.Who runs the Parliament?
(a) Speaker of Lok sabha,
(b) President of India,
(c) Prime minister
Correct answer:- c

12 march SSC CHSL 2018 all Shift GK Questions & Exam analysis

Q7. Which power plant provide more electricity in india ?
(a) atomic power,
(b) thermal power station,
(c) wind power station,
(d) hydro power station
Correct answer:- b

Q8. Title of Babar after which fight :- Khanwa war Babar adopted the title of Ghazi

Q9. Chamera dam located is in which state of India:-Himachal Pradesh

Q10.Which of the following is not considered a debt?
(a) commercial papers
(b) stocks
Correct answer:- b
Examples of debt instruments include bonds (government or corporate), mortgages, Commercial Paper and Certificate of Deposits.

11. Leeuwenhoek saw free living cells. Where did he saw ?
(a) sea water
(b) pond water
(c) humans..
Correct answer:- b

Q12. Time period was give as .01s. frequency was asked to find.
Use formula:- T (period) = 1 / f (frequency).

Q13.Minimum age for election as a member of a Panchayat  A. 20 B. 21 C. 18 D. 25
Correct answer:- b

14. One question was about ancient monuments bill passed in Jan 2018? How many companies were assigned the 14 monuments:- 7 firms

15. One question related to commercial taxes?

we will update all question

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