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11 March SSC CHSL 2018 English Questions Explanation with Paper analysis



11 March SSC CHSL 2018 English

1. Consolidate – make (something) physically stronger or more solid. (मजबूत) or Strengthen
2. Impiety – lack of piety or reverence, अपवित्रता, desecration, impurity.

1. Loiter – टाल-मटोल करना, to move or act slowly , Wander, Dawdle.
Antonym – Accelerate, quicken, speed.
2. Nefarious -कुटिल (typically of an action or activity) wicked or criminal.
Antonym – Decent, Reputable, Righteous.

1. ‘Glass was broken.’
Ans- Somebody had broken the glass.

11 March SSC CHSL 2018 English

Idiom /Phrase
1. Feel the pinch.
– Experience financial hardship. Or find it hard to survive on the income you have.
2. head start.
Ans- Advantage over someone. Or favourable advantage in the beginning of an event, competition or activity.

1. Socrates Said, “Virtue is its own reward”.
Ans: Socrates said that virtue is its own reward.
Explanation: – Do not change the form of the sentence for Universal truths.

Fill in the blanks
1. There is no sense _________ carrying on that way.
Ans: of

11 March SSC CHSL 2018 English

Sentence Correction
1. You should avail of every opportunity to practice your skill.
Ans: Avail yourself of
Explanation:- “Avail yourself of something”
– to make use of something:
Ex.- Employees should avail themselves of the opportunity to buy cheap shares in the company.
2. A few word of gratitude are enough to express your feelings sincerely.
Ans: A few words of (few + plural countable noun)
3. Sunrise is a great phenomena.
Ans: Phenomenon (घटना)

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