SSC CHSL One Word Substitution with Hindi meaning 2017-18

SSC CHSL 2017-18 One Word Substitution :- 128 Questions

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Exam was conducted from 04th March to 28th March 2018

In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, select the alternative which is the best substitute of the words/sentence.

4 March 2018

Q.1:- A warning of impending danger
1) Naive
2) Monition
3) Obtuse
4) Daft
Correct Answer: Monition (चेतावनी)
आने वाले खतरे की चेतावनी.
Example: – This task develops a long-distance data acquisition and monition system.

Q.2:-Concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty
1) Foul
2) Aesthetic
3) Hideous
4) Gross
Correct Answer: Aesthetic (सौंदर्यबोध)
सौंदर्य या सौंदर्य की प्रशंसा से संबंधित.
Example: – The new building has little aesthetic appeal.

Q.3:-An upright bar, post, or frame forming a support or barrier
1) Repose
2) Stanchion
3) Recumbent
4) Supine
Correct Answer: Stanchion (खंभा)
एक समर्थन या अवरोध बनाने वाला एक सीधा खम्भा, पोस्ट, या फ्रेम
Example: – If this stanchion is removed, the stairs will collapse.

Q.4:-A routine task, especially a household one
1) Chore
2) Servitude
3) Moil
4) Travail
Correct Answer: Chore (घर का या रोज का काम)
Example: – I’ll go shopping when I’ve done my chores

5 March 2018

Q.5:-Beyond or above the range of normal or physical human experience
1) Mundane
2) Transcendent
3) Ribald
4) Coarse
Correct Answer: Transcendent (श्रेष्ठ)
सामान्य या शारीरिक मानव अनुभव की सीमा से परे या उससे ऊपर.
Example: – He describes seeing film star as one of the transcendent moments of his life.

Q.6:-Capable of being imagined or grasped mentally
1) Dazzling
2) Conceivable
3) Stunning
4) Spectacular
Correct Answer: Conceivable (बोधगम्य)
जो मानसिक रूप से कल्पना करने या समझने के लायक हो.
Example: – It is conceivable that you may get full compensation, but it’s not likely.

Q.7:-A military or political group that rules a country after taking power by force
1) Junta
2) Suffrage
3) Emancipation
4) Egalitarianism
Correct Answer: Junta (सैनिक सरकार)
एक सैन्य या राजनीतिक समूह जो बलपूर्वक सत्ता लेने के बाद देश का शासन करता है
Example: – The military junta has today broadcast an appeal for calm.

Q.8:-A person who lives outside his native country
1) Indigenous
2) Natal
3) Expatriate
4) Intrinsic
Correct Answer: Expatriate (प्रवासी)
एक व्यक्ति जो अपने मूल देश के बाहर रहता है
Example: – A large community of expatriates has settled there.

Q.9:-Having a limited or narrow outlook or scope
1) Indulgent
2) Parochial
3) Egotistical
4) Liberal
Correct Answer: Parochial (संकीर्ण)
सीमित या संकीर्ण दृष्टिकोण या दायरा रखना.
Example: – He is rather too parochial in his outlook.

Q.10:-Well chosen or suited to the circumstances
1) Bias
2) Disparity
3) Asperity
4) Felicitous
Correct Answer: Felicitous (परम सुखी, धन्य, उपयुक्त)
अच्छी तरह से परिस्थितियों के लिए चुना या उपयुक्त
Example: – His nickname was particularly felicitous.

6 March 2018

Q.11:-Extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque
1) Idyllic
2) Abominable
3) Iota
4) Amiss
Correct Answer: Idyllic (सुखद जीवन का, रमणीय)
बेहद खुश, शांतिपूर्ण, या सुरम्य.
Example: – It appears to be an idyllic domestic set-up.

Q.12:-Showing a lack of courage or confidence
1) Tenacious
2) Indomitable
3) Timid
4) Gutsy
Correct Answer: Timid (आसानी से डरनेवाला)
साहस या आत्मविश्वास की कमी दिखने वाला.
Example: – My dog is a little timid – especially around other dogs.

Q.13:-Become liquid, typically during decomposition
1) Deliquesce
2) Petrify
3) Cohere
4) Anneal
Correct Answer: Deliquesce (द्रवित होना, ठोस अवस्था से तरल अवस्था की ओर जाना)
Example: – A rotting tomato slowly deliquescing in the hot summer.

Q.14:-Praise highly in speech or writing
1) Chide
2) Eulogise
3) Chastise
4) Reprimand
Correct Answer: Eulogise (प्रशंसा)
भाषण या लेखन में अत्यधिक प्रशंसा करना.
Example: -They eulogized over the breath-taking views.

Q.15:-An attractively tall, graceful, and dignified woman
1) Terse
2) Pithy
3) Sententious
4) Statuesque
Correct Answer: Statuesque (सर्वांग सुंदर)
एक आकर्षक, सुंदर, और सम्मानित महिला
Example: – She was a statuesque brunette.


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