SSC CHSL 2018 English 5 March all Shift Paper

SSC CHSL 2018 English 5 March

Idioms & Phrases

1. Head over Heel :- Madly in love with someone, fall deeply and completely in love, especially suddenly.

2. At Large :- as a whole. Free, not captured (usually said of criminals not in custody) .

3. Go through with :- to do something unpleasant or difficult that has already been agreed or promised:

4. Broke up : – disintegrate or disperse.

5. Actions speak louder than words : –

One Word Substitution
1. Beyond the Human Being :- superhuman, supernatural, अलौकिक

2. Belief in many Gods :- Polytheism – बहुदेववाद, अनेक देवताओं में विश्‍वास.

3. To observe something : – Monitoring. (observe – निगरानी करना).

4. A shopkeeper who sells fresh and green vegetables : -Vendor.

5. Things that have been discarded as worthless : – Flotsam

Antonym/Synonym –
1.Chase –pursue in order to catch. (Antonym- run away from)

2.Forgo –go without (something desirable), give up, waive. Antonym- keep.

3.Doleful -Sad, Unhappy. antonym – Cheerful, happy.

4.Chafe :-मसलना, rub to pieces, press hard.

SSC CHSL 2018 English 5 March

Spotting error
1. It is I (A) / who is responsible (B) / for the delay (C) /
No error (D)
Ans- replace ‘is’ by ‘am’ in the part (B).
Rule- verb form should be decided according to the antecedent of the relative pronoun ‘who’ (I- am)

2. He has been (A) / enhanced and position (B) / as a result of his diligence and integrity (C) / No Error. (D)
Ans- replace ‘and’ by ‘in’ in part (B)
(Enhance- intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of. उनकी लगन और ईमानदारी के परिणाम के रूप में उन्हें स्थिति में सुधार किया गया है)

3. My mother made (1) / the servant (2) / complete the work (3) / no error (4)
Ans.- no error.
Rule- subject + make + object + bare infinitive (infinitive without ‘to’) . Example – I made him wait. That film made me cry.

4. I asked the shopkeeper (A)/”Do you have change (B)/for a five hundred rupees note?”(C)/No error (D)
Ans.- (C)
Ex- When nouns expressing period of time or amount of money -should be considered as a singular unit.
Ex – He gave me a ten rupee note.
Replace ‘rupees’ by ‘rupee’.

Fill in the blanks
1. When he settled himself on the fork of the tree the writer _____.

Stridency –
abrasiveness –

SSC CHSL 2018 English 5 March


1. She said to me, ” I took breakfast in the morning.

She told me that she had taken breakfast in the morning.
Ans.- She told me that she had taken breakfast in the morning.
Rule- If the reporting speech given in the past tense then the tense of the verb of reported speech will change into corresponding past tense.
– First person changes according to the subject of reporting speech.
– Simple past changes to past perfect

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