SSC CHSL 2018 English 4 March Paper

SSC CHSL 2018 English 4 March Paper

Idioms & Phrases
Piece of Cake:-very easy task. Or something easily done.
Achilles Heel:-a small but fatal weakness.
Pull over one’s heart:-to tell someone your secret feelings and things that worry you, usually because you feel a strong need to talk about them.

Raining Cats & Dogs:-raining heavily.

To Cry Over Spilt Milk :- to express regret about something that has already happened or cannot be changed

To Buy a lemon:-To purchase a vehicle that constantly gives problems or stops running after you drive it away.

Cock & Bull Story:-a story that is obviously not true, especially one given as an excuse. Or A fanciful and unbelievable tale.

At someone expense:-in a way that embarrasses or harms someone.

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One Word Substitution
Monitoring:-Observe and check the progress or quality of (something) over a period of time; keep under systematic review.

To Ferret:-An assiduous search for something.

Antonym of mere – Immense
Gregarious – Unsociable

Synonym of To Ordain – To Anoint
Find the similar word of “Accolades :-Tributes, Honours, Awards, Praises.

Synonym 0f “Assassination“ :-Murder, Killing.

Spotting error
1. The population of mumbai(A)/is greater than(B)/in any city in USA(C)/No Error(D)

Ans. -Option C ( replace “in” by “that of” )

2. For a Full Week(A)/She enjoyed the benefits(B)/of being a big sister(C)/No Error(D)
Ans. – no error.

Fill in the blanks
The Bank______his house as he had failed to pay the installments despite repeated warnings. – Confiscated

I have________finished painting the house- almost

Sentence Improvement
All the allegations levelled (Over) the poor watchman were found to be baseless

Ans. – against/at
Explanation: -level sth against/at sb – to accuse someone in public of doing something wrong:

Sentence rearrangement
Arrange the rearrangement:-
P – The Law in Understanding
Q – Such Cases of violence
R – One Senses the limits of

Ans – RPQ ( कोई हिंसा के ऐसे मामलों को समझने में कानून की सीमाओं को समझता है)


All SSC CHSL 2018 GK and English Questions and Answer click here

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