SSC CHSL 2018 All 7 March GK Questions

7 March gk quetions

1.What is the full form of PPP:-Public private partnership
2.P stands for PENCIL: Platform for Effective Enforcement for no Child Labour
3.Sitara Devi is related to which dance form :- Kathak
4.The distance between two longitude(देशान्तर) lines is called :- 5.What is the SI unit of acceleration( त्वरण):-
6.In UDAN, what does “D” mean:-
7.Best actor award in indian film festival:- Sushant Singh Rajput
8.Is oxygen monoatomic or diatomic :- diatomic
9.What is the ratio of the length and breadth of Bangladesh Flag?
10.Who is the captain of Leicester City in English Premier League? Wes Morgan
11.what is the name of Naval Exercise between India and Oman?
12.Event that occurred during Lord Curzon period:-
13.In FRDI, what does “D” mean?
14.question related to Vijayanagar Empire
15.One question was based on resistance.
16.Bangladesh President house known as?
17.One question from Dalton Theory?
18.One question related to cool & hot air.

19.find out the resistance from the given parameters which are the length 8m of the wire and cross sectional 2 cm2 and specific resistance 256 ohm

Any doubt plz ask