SSC CHSL 2018 4 March all shift GK Questions

Hello Friends here is the  questions asked in SSC CHSL 2018 4 march all shift

SSC CHSL 2018 4 march all shift

SSC CHSL 2018 march all shift

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Q1. Name the country which share longest border with china :- Mongolia

Q2. currency of ghana :-Ghanaian cedi

Q3. Constitutional amendment article :- Article 368 (1)

Q4. Dachigam National Park :- Jammu and Kashmir

Q5. Father of taxonomy :- Carolus Linnaeus

Q6. Deficency of Vitamin A :-  blindness

SSC CHSL 2018 4 march all shift

Q7.First tirthankaras in jain :- Rishabha

Q8. Full form of SMTP  :-simple mail transfer protocol

Q9. Kalinga war:- 262-261 BC

Q10.Indrāvati tiger park  :- chattaisgadh

Q11. Ranchi is the capital of :- Jharkhand

SSC CHSL 2018 4 march all shift

Q12. who was among the first Englishmen to travel through India

अकबर  के दरबार में पहला अँगरेज़ शाषक कौन आया था :- राफेल फिच

Q13. Playing its my way :- Sachin Tendulkar

Q14. Study of cancer :- Oncology

Q15. AIDS Day:- 1 December

Q16. Capital of Argentina:-Buenos Aires

Q17. Manipuri is a dance form of which state ?:-Manipur

Q18. India vs usa military exercises :-Vajra Prahar (in 2018)

Q19. Parallel Economy Emerges due to: – Tax Evasion

Q20. Net area comes under crop sown in india – 14 Crore Hectares

Q21. Which is not taken into account to estimate national income? – Services of a housewife

Q22.  MSMED was Paased? – 2006

Q23. Which Schedule lists the states & UTs of India? – First
Q24. Which Article ensures the freedom of press? – Article 19

Q25. President of Legislative Assembly in August 1925? – Vitthal Bhai Patel

Q26. Which Gupta ruler attain the title of Maharajadhiraja? – Chandragupta I

Q27.Which hills the Eastern Ghats Joins Wester Ghats? – Nilgiri Hills
Q28. Who was defeated by Muhammad Ghori in the Battle of Chandawar? – Jai Chand

Q29. Mahatma Gandhi Hydropower Project is situated on which waterfall? – Jog

What is friction force :-

What is circular motion:-

Who defeated Bahadurshah?

What is allocation in budget

What is i3 processor

National Pharma Mission

Deficit questions

Which of the following has not received Dronacharya Award?

Noble prize :-

SSC CHSL 2018 4 march all shift

Question related to Male chromosomes :-

Total internal reflection

Which of the following alkali metal :-

What is the property of Bakelite?

One Question related to Sex Determinations :-

One Question related to CENSUS 2011

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  1. sir 4 march question no1 about Chaina is the country does not share border with Chaina and the answer is Mongolia

    1. 4 March question:-
      longest border with china:- Mongolia.
      Second longest:- Russia

      8 march question:-
      China doesn’t share boundary with :- Cambodia

  2. sir can you provide some courses on economics.

    1. in future aayega tutorials

  3. Math or English Ka bhi to Btaiye sir

    1. english aayega thodi der me

  4. Kush questions ka ans kab t aay ga sir

    1. jitna jaldi hoga upload kar denge

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