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SSC CHSL 2017-18 Fill in the Blanks: -128 Questions

Exam was conducted from 04th March to 28th March 2018

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In the following questions, the sentence given with blank to be filled in with an appropriate word. Select the correct alternative out of the four and indicate it by selecting the appropriate option.


Q.1:-She jumped ______ the bar table.
1) upon
2) up
3) in
4) in to
Correct Answer: upon
Explanation: – Jump upon- कूद पड़ना.

Q.2:-Sun is a ______ perfect sphere of hot plasma, with internal convective motion that generates a magnetic field.
1) nearly
2) near
3) about
4) more
Correct Answer: nearly
Explanation: – nearly (adverb) + perfect (adjective) – लगभग सही.
The sound of ‘about’ is vowel, it can’t be preceded by ‘a’. Absolute adjectives do not have comparative form (don’t use ‘more’ with them): perfect, complete, entire, minor, fatal, unique, final, universal, ideal, whole, preferable, dead etc.
Q.3:-I ______ not attend the party.
1) probably be
2) will be
3) won’t
4) shall
Correct Answer: shall
Explanation: – “I + shall + not + base form of main verb (attend)”

Q.4:-Happy thoughts release hormones that work for our well-being and negative thoughts release hormones that make us ______.
1) ill
2) happy
3) excited
4) rejuvenated
Correct Answer: ill
Explanation: – ill- बीमार. Exited- उल्लासित. Rejuvenated- तरोताजा.
Here, we need negative word.


Q.5:- Meera cannot ______ the exam’s results.
1) depict
2) await
3) envision
4) observe
Correct Answer: await
Explanation: – depict- वर्णन करना. Await- प्रतीक्षा करना. Envision- कल्पना करना. observe- अवलोकन करना.

Q.6:- Being linked with nature brings joy and peace as it is the ______ of the laws of Nature.
1) dissent
2) refusal
3) acknowledgement
4) sustenance
Correct Answer: acknowledgement
Explanation:- dissent- असहमति. Refusal- इन्कार. Acknowledgement- स्वीकार, sustenance- जीविका.

Q.7:-That is ______ cars I know.
1) the worst
2) worst
3) mostly worst
4) one of the worst
Correct Answer: one of the worst
Explanation:- Structure: “the + superlative degree + singular noun” or “ one of + the + superlative degree + plural noun”.
The correct structure – one of the worst (plural noun- cars)

Q.8:- The ______ of many archaic and dilatory procedures have proved to be extremely damaging to our governance and society.
1) caution
2) translation
3) imposition
4) revolution
Correct Answer: imposition
Explanation: – caution- चेतावनी. Imposition- आरोपण. Revolution- क्रांति.

Q.9:-I am awful ______ picking vegetables.
1) for
2) at
3) of
4) as
Correct Answer: at
Explanation: – “awful at something” – very bad at (doing) something.
Ex- I’m awful at remembering names.

Q.10:-The demand of self-esteem is that never stand _______ for what you have the power to earn.
1) abetting
2) begging
3) caging
4) daring
Correct Answer: begging
Explanation: – abet – उकसाना, भरकाना. beg- मांगना. Caging – पिंजरे में बंद करना. Daring- साहसी.


Q.11:-Ramesh ______ into his own trap.
1) falling
2) was fell
3) fell
4) fall down
Correct Answer: fell
Explanation: – Structure: “verb to be + V-ing (falling)” –active voice.
“Verb to be + past participle (fallen)- Passive voice”.
“Subject + second form of verb (fell)”- Simple past.
“singular subject + singular verb falls down (not fall down).
Here, the correct structure is – subject (Ramesh) + second form of verb (fell)

Q.12:-India is the second most populous country ______ the seventh largest country by area in the world.
1) but
2) how ever
3) and
4) while
Correct Answer: and
Explanation: – The two qualities of a single noun should be joined by ‘and’.

Q.13:- Sita felt obligated to ______ Geeta.
1) cry
2) decide
3) give
4) inform
Correct Answer: inform
Explanation: – cry – रोना. Inform- सूचित करना.

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