SSC CHSL 2016-17 Antonyms PDF with Hindi meaning

SSC CHSL 2016-17 Antonyms PDF
Q.11. Fidgety
1) composed
2) restive
3) twitchy
4) Antsy
Correct Answer: composed
फिजिटी (बेचैन,restless, nervous) composed- शांतचित्त, tranquil. Restive- restless. Twitchy- nervous. Antsy- nervous.

Q.12. Bland
1) blah
2) insipid
3) tame
4) Lively
Correct Answer: lively
Bla ( अरोचक, boring, tedious) blah- बकवास . Insipid- dull. Tame- पालतू , pet. Lively- रोचक, interesting, fancy, entertaining, attractive.

SSC CHSL 2016-17 Antonyms PDF


Q.13. Adulterate
1) attenuated
2) purify
3) vitiated
4) Dilute
Correct Answer: purify
विशीएट (मिलावट करना, Foul). Attenuated- weakened. Purify- sanitise, refine. Vitiated- बिगाड़ना, mess. Dilute- पतला करना,thin.

Q.14. Conjoined
1) sever
2) adjoin
3) meld
4) Affix
Correct Answer: sever
सेवर (संयुक्त, united, composite). Sever – अलग करना, split, Separate. Adjoin- connect. Meld- blend, merge. Affix- attach.

Q.15. Mishmash
1) potpourri
2) medley
3) organized
4) Haphazard
Correct Answer: organized
पोपुरी (गड़बड़, mess) potpourri- freshener. Medley- mix. Organized – संगठितorganized, consolidated, unified. Haphazard – disorganized.jumbled

SSC CHSL 2016-17 Antonyms PDF

Q.16. Generosity
1) altruism
2) general
3) largesse
4) Malevolence
Correct Answer: malevolence
लार्गेस, मलेवलन्ट, मैलिस (सज्जनता, innocuity, nobleness) altruism- selflessness. General- common. Largesse- उदारता , bounty. Malevolence – दुष्ट भाव, malice, hatred


Q.17. Intrinsic
1) elemental
2) innate
3) connate
4) Acquired
Correct Answer: acquired
कानेट (स्वाभाविक, natural, instinctive,) elemental – मौलिक, fundamental, essential. Innate- inborn. Connate- natural. Acquired – अर्जित.

SSC CHSL 2016-17 Antonyms PDF

Q.18. Ogle
1) leer
2) gaze
3) ignore
4) Gawk
Correct Answer: ignore
ओगल (आसक्त नज़र देखना, घूरना, stare, gaze) leer- बुरी नज़र से देखना. Gaze –stare. Ignore- neglect, नज़रअंदाज़ करना. Gawk- बुरी नज़र से घूरना.

Q.19. Pejorative
1) rude
2) complimentary
3) derisive
4) Cheeky
Correct Answer: complimentary
(अपमानजनक , Disapproving, Scornful ). Rude- discourteous. Complimentary- admiring, प्रशंसपूर्ण, praiseworthy. Derisive- sarcastic.
Cheeky- mischievous.

Q.20. Avid
1) apathetic
2) desirous
3) devoted
4) Fanatical
Correct Answer: apathetic
ज़ेलस (उत्सुक, eager, keen) apathetic – indifferent, uninterested. Desirous- eager, fond. Devoted- dedicated. Fanatical- passionate, zealous, keen

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