SSC CHSL 2017 One Word Substitution with explanation

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Instruction: – In the following question, out of the four alternatives, select the alternative which is the best substitute of the phrase.

Q1. Open to more than one interpretation; not having one obvious meaning.
1) Trite
2) opposite
3) Exceptional
4) Ambiguous
Correct Answer: ambiguous
Explanation: – (Trite घिसे-पिटे) , (opposite विपरीत) , (Exceptional असाधारण) ,(Ambiguous अस्पष्ट)

Q2.Something widely feared as a possible dangerous occurrence.
1) spectre
2) beguile
3) monolith
4) canny
Correct Answer: spectre
Explanation: – (spectre काली छाया), ( beguile मोहित करना),( monolith एक पत्थर का खम्बा),( canny चालाक)

Q3.Average in amount, intensity, quality, or degree.
1) moderate
2) supernatant
3) hobble
4) hum
Correct Answer: moderate
Explanation: – (moderate मध्य श्रेणी का),( supernatant सतह पर तैरनेवाला) ,( hobble बंधन),( hum गुनगुनाहट)

Q4.A factory, where workers are employed at very low wages for long hours and under poor conditions.
1) Impalpable
2) Outset
3) Bloomy
4) Sweatshop
Correct Answer: Sweatshop
Explanation: – (Impalpable स्‍पर्श द्वारा अनुभव न किए जाने योग्‍य), ( Outset प्रारंभ),( Bloomy फलना-फूलना ), (Sweatshop शोषण करने वाले की दुकान).

Q5.things that have been discarded as worthless.
1) remains
2) flotsam
3) shambles
4) havoc
Correct Answer: flotsam
Explanation: – (remains अवशेष ), ( flotsam बहता माल) ,(shambles खंडहर),( havoc तबाही).

SSC CHSL 2017 One Word Substitution 8-January-2017
Q6.become apparent through the appearance of symptoms.
1) manifest
2) distinct
3) visible
4) divulged
Correct Answer: manifest
Explanation: – (manifest प्रत्यक्ष) ,( distinct विशिष्ट), (visible साफ़) ,( divulged उजागर)
Q7.Rub a part of the body to restore warmth or sensation.
1) Fuzz
2) Chafe
3) Scum
4) Oblique
Correct Answer: Chafe
Explanation: – (Fuzz परमाणु हो के उड़ जाना),( Chafe मालिश करना),( Scum मैल),( Oblique तिरछा)

Q8.The punishment of being kept in school after hours.
1) Pretension
2) Isolate
3) Detention
4) Blender
Correct Answer: Detention
Explanation: – (Pretension बहाना), ( Isolate अलग रखना), ( Detention नज़रबंदी), ( Blender मिक्सी)

Q9.The outer layer of the cerebrum (part of the brain), composed of folded grey matter, plays an important role in the consciousness.
1) victor
2) cortex
3) scrub
4) capered
Correct Answer: cortex
Explanation: – (victor विजेता ), (cortex आवरण, मस्तिष्क के बाहरी परत), (scrub मलना ), (capered उछलना-कूदना)
Q10.A hot spring in which water intermittently boils, pushing a tall column of water and steam into the air.
1) geyser
2) smite
3) brew
4) pitted
Correct Answer: geyser
Explanation: – (geyser गरम पानी का झरना), (smite हराना ,कष्ट देना), (brew शराब बनाना ), (pitted खड़ा)
Q11.Make something seem less important, significant, or trifling.
1) superintend
2) optimality
3) Trivialize
4) dumb down
Correct Answer: trivialize
Explanation: – (superintend देख-भाल करना ), (optimality इष्‍टतमत्व (सर्वोत्तम)
), (Trivialize महत्वहीन करना ), (dumb down बेजबान हो जाना )
Ex:I do not mean to trivialize your courage.
Q12.A gesture expressing respect, such as a bow.
1) Consensual
2) Obeisance
3) Perk
4) Germinate
Correct Answer: Obeisance
Explanation: – (Consensual सहमति से ), (Obeisance श्रद्धा ), (Perk फुर्तीला ), (Germinate अंकुरित होना).
Ex:- He made a deep obeisance to the king.
10­January­2017 event or a group of events occurring as part of a sequence
1) stanza
2) episode
3) series
4) lesson
Correct Answer: episode
Explanation: – (stanza श्‍लोक छंद), (episode घटना), (series शृंखला), (lesson पाठ).
Ex:- It was the first episode of my story.
Q14.Represent something as being less important than it really is.
1) discriminant
2) stride
3) underplay
4) imperious
Correct Answer: underplay
Explanation: – (discriminant भेद करना ), (stride छलाँग, तरक़्क़ी), (underplay कम कर के आँकना), (imperious अभिमानी)
Ex:- Do not underplay the skills we have.

10­January­2017 SSC CHSL 2017 One Word Substitution
Q15.match or surpass a person by imitation.
1) parallel
2) emulate
3) ditto
4) impression
Correct Answer: emulate
Explanation: – (parallel समानांतर), (emulate अनुकरण करना), (ditto ठीक इसी प्रकार से), (impression प्रभाव ).
Ex:- You must work hard to emulate successful man
Q16.lack of skill, ability, or competence
1) ineptitude
2) dexterity
3) proficiency
4) prowess
Correct Answer: ineptitude
Explanation: – (ineptitude अयोग्यता), (dexterity निपुणता ), (proficiency कुशलता), (prowess कौशल).
Ex:- His ineptitude was the reason of failure.

11­January­2017 SSC CHSL 2017 One Word Substitution
Q17.To harass someone persistently to do something.
1) Iconoclast
2) Dote
3) Neurotic
4) Importune Correct Answer: Importune
Explanation: – (Iconoclast मूर्तिपूजा का विरोध करने वाला), (Dote मूर्ख हो जाना), (Neurotic नसों पर प्रभाव डालने वाला), (Importune जिद करना, बारबार मांगना ).
Ex:- Most politicians importune voters for support.

Q18.A short statement expressing a general truth.
1) Maxim
2) Infer
3) Drum
4) Pander
Correct Answer: Maxim
Explanation: – (Maxim कहावत), (Infer अनुमान करना), (Drum ढोल), (Pander बढ़ावा देना).
Ex:- It is an old maxim that death is the best teacher.

Q19.Having or displaying an overly critical point of view.
1) Judgemental
2) To hallucinate
3) To contravene
4) Expanse
Correct Answer: Judgemental
Explanation: – (Judgemental आलोचनात्मक ), (To hallucinate मायाजाल में डालना), (To contravene अवहेलना करना), (Expanse प्रसार).
Ex:- Instead of being so judgemental, try opening your mind and accept the truth.

Q20.Obtain something by force, threats, or other unfair means.
1) To regret
2) To extort
3) To resent
4) To encompass
Correct Answer: To extort
Explanation: – (To regret पछतावा करना), (To extort बलपूर्वक लेना), (To resent बुरा मानना), (To encompass घेरना).
Ex:- The rebels extort money from innocent people.

SSC CHSL 2017 One Word Substitution 12-January-2017
Q 21. To shut a door, window, or lid forcefully and loudly
1) to clam
2) to strike
3) to shutter
4) to slam
Correct Answer: to slam
Explanation: – (to clam शांत करना,soothe, quell ), (to strike हड़ताल करना, down tools, walk out), (to shutter बंडिल से बंद करना), (to slam तेज़ आवाज़ के साथ बंद करना ).
Ex:- “Please don’t slam the door,”

22.Sums of money expressed in a specified monetary unit
1) to denominate
2) to monetize
3) to nominate
4) demarche
Correct Answer: to denominate
Explanation: – (to denominate मूल्यवर्ग ), (to monetize धातु के सिक्के बनाना), (to nominate नियुक्त करना, recruit ), (demarche राजनीतिक कदम).
Ex:- What denominations would you like to give?

Q.23.To officially register as a member of an institution
1) to muster
2) to enrol
3) to institutionalize
4) to officiate
Correct Answer: to enrol
Explanation: – (to muster इकट्ठा करना, gather, pile), (to enrol नामांकन करना, enlist), (to institutionalize संस्थागत करना), (to officiate किसी पद पर काम करना).
Ex:- The company enrols workers from age group 18 to 30.

Q.24.To reveal the true, objectionable nature of someone
1) to betray
2) to forsake
3) to expose
4) to delude
Correct Answer: to expose
Explanation: – Betray – धोखा देना, dupe, delude. Forsake – त्यागना, relinquish, forgo.
Expose – उघाड़ना, disclose. Delude – छलना, defraud, beguile
(objectionable – आपत्तिजनक).
Ex:- He wasn’t pleased as I exposed him in public.

SSC CHSL 2017 One Word Substitution 15-January-2017
Q.25.To regard with disgust and hatred.
1) tease
2) abhor
3) ridicule
4) sneer
Correct Answer: abhor
Explanation: – Regard – देखना, विचार करना. Tease – चिढ़ाना, prod, vex. Abhor – घृणा करना, loathe. Ridicule – हँसी उड़ाना, deride. Sneer – उपहास करना, scoff
Ex:- Being a responsible citizen we should abhor corruption.

Q.26.Unable to be destroyed or removed.
1) ineradicable
2) habit
3) worn
4) fixed
Correct Answer: ineradicable
Explanation: – ineradicable – जिसको जड़ से न उखाड़ा जा सके,fast, hard. habit – आदत, manners, custom. Worn – फटा पुराना, ragged. Fixed – निश्चित,certain, sure.
Ex:- I have unforgettable and ineradicable memories of her nice behaviour.

Q.27. The lower jawbone in mammals and fishes.
1) Trunk
2) snout
3) beak
4) mandible
Correct Answer: mandible
Explanation: – (Trunk सूँ ढ, तना ), (snout थूथना), (beak चोंच), (mandible जबड़ा).

Q.28. Urge someone to act in a violent or unlawful way.
1) taunt
2) solicit
3) incite
4) psych
Correct Answer: incite
Explanation: – Taunt – उपहास, ridicule, derision, flout. solicit – प्रार्थना करना, beg. Incite – उत्तेजित करना, agitate, rouse.Psych – मनोवैज्ञानिक .
Ex:- They are planning to incite their comrades to mutiny.

Q.29. a loud, harsh, piercing cry.
1) Noise
2) Howl
3) Screech
4) Cry
Correct Answer: screech
Explanation: – piercing – तीक्ष्ण, छेदनेवाला, penetrating, acute. Noise – शोर . Howl – चीख़ना, scream. Screech – कर्णकटु ध्वनि.Cry – रोना
Ex:- I can not tolerate the screech of brakes.

Q.30. A hollow object used to contain something.
1) platter
2) salver
3) plate
4) receptacle
Correct Answer: receptacle
Explanation: – (platter थाली), (salver तश्तरी ), (plate थाली), (receptacle संदूक, डब्बा, box, chest).

SSC CHSL 2017 One Word Substitution 16-January-2017
Q.31. The tendency to recur at intervals.
1) Rotation
2) wheel
3) sequence
4) Periodicity
Correct Answer: periodicity
Explanation: – (Rotation चक्कर, whirl, detour), (wheel पहिया), (sequence क्रम, order ), (Periodicity काल-चक्र)

Q.32. A dramatic entertainment, in which performers express through gestures.
1) mimicry
2) ham
3) pantomime
4) depiction
Correct Answer: pantomime
Explanation: – (mimicry स्वांग, drama, comedy), (ham -thigh), (pantomime मूकाभिनय), (depiction चित्रण, illustration )

Q.33. Work extremely hard or incessantly.
1) job
2) Craft
3) toil
4) activity
Correct Answer: toil
Explanation: – incessantly – लगातार, continuously. Craft – कारीगरी. toil – कठिन परिश्रम, Diligence, assiduity
I need some rest for relaxation from hard toil.

Q. 34.Express a proposition, theory, etc. in clear or definite terms.
1) publish
2) postulate
3) proclaim
4) enunciate
Correct Answer: enunciate
Explanation: – proposition – प्रस्ताव, offer, proposal. Postulate – मांगना, solicit. Proclaim – घोषणा करना, declare, promulgate. Enunciate – स्पष्ट उच्चारण करना.
This rule is of a general nature and enunciates the effect of global warming.

Q. 35.To sweep over something so as to surround it completely.
1) engulf
2) imbibe
3) drown
4) plunge
Correct Answer: engulf
Explanation: – sweep over – वश में करना.
Engulf घेर लेना, imbibe अंतर्ग्रहण करना, सोखना , drown डूबना, submerge, plunge डुबाना, dip, drench
The Heavy rain was expected to engulf the entire city.

Q. 36.To take someone somewhere suddenly and quickly.
1) rush
2) whisk
3) fly
4) flit
Correct Answer: whisk
Explanation: – (rush जल्दी करना, hasten, hurry), (whisk फुरती से ले जाना, तेज चलाना), (flit उड़ जाना ), Whisk the mixture until it is smooth and light.

Q. 37.A symbol that serves as an emblem of a group of people.
1) obelisk
2) minaret
3) mast
4) totem
Correct Answer: totem
Explanation: – emblem – प्रतीक, चिह्न, mark .(obelisk स्मारक-स्तंभ),( minaret मीनार),( mast मस्तूल ,pole) ,(totem कुलचिन्ह)

Q. 38.To leave a place suddenly or secretly.
1) Scarce
2) ligger
3) Decamp
4) loiter
Correct Answer: decamp
Explanation: – Scarce – दुर्लभ, hard-to-reach. Ligger – बहीखाता. Decamp – एकाएक भाग जाना. Loiter – टाल – मटोल करना
Example :-He has decamped with all our money.

Q.39. The customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group
1) etiquette
2) frizette
3) epaulette
4) fossette
Correct Answer: etiquette
Explanation: – etiquette – शिष्टाचार, courtesy, manners frizette – घुंघराले बालों का एक किनारा. Epaulette – कंधे पर पहनने का बिल्ला या जेवर.
Fossette – dimple.

40.the way in which a substance holds together; thickness or viscosity
1) corpulency
2) consistency
3) exigency
4) exultancy
Correct Answer: consistency
Explanation: – viscosity – गाढ़ापन . Corpulency – स्थूलकायता . Consistency – अनुकूलता . Exigency – संकटकाल .
Exultancy – उल्लासित होना.