11 March GK SSC CHSL 2018

11 March GK SSC CHSL 2018

Q. 1. In which article is saman aachar sanhita prescribed?
Correct Ans: Artical 44
Q. 2. In which five-year plan, Khadi & Village Industries Commission was established?
Correct : 2nd five-year plan
Q. 3. When did the treaty of Allahabad happen?
Correct Ans: 1756
Q. 4. Where is the headquarter of International Civil Aviation Organization located?
Correct Ans: Montréal, Canada.
Q. 5. Which part of constitution motivate to establish social faculity?
Correct Ans: NITI Director of State
Q. 6. Who was the first president of America who came to India?
Correct Ans: Igon Habru

11 March GK SSC CHSL 2018
Q. 7. In which year the first Iron & Steel Industry was established in India?
Correct Ans: 1970
Q. 8. Where is the image reflected for anything near in distant eye disease?
Correct Ans: behind the Retina
Q.9. Which part of constitution inspires us to establish the socialist system?
Correct Ans: Policy Directive Principles
Q.10. In which year, Amnesty International was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace?
Correct Ans: 1977
Q.11. In which session of congress, the constitution is framed?
Correct Ans: Lahore Session

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